Angelina Jolie and Daughter Vivienne Win The Tony Award for ‘The Outsiders’

Angelina Jolie and Daughter Vivienne Win The Tony Award for 'The Outsiders'

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is evergreen and there’s no doubt about that. The 49-year-old actress won her first Tony Award. 

Her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, joined her on stage and celebrated the victory. The mother-daughter duo won trophies for their roles as producer and producer’s assistant on The Outsiders. 

They won the Tony Award for Best Musical while wearing twinning dresses. While Angelina wore a teal gown, Vivienne wore a matching chic suit. She stood near her mother on the stage while Matthew Rego accepted the accolade on behalf of the whole team.

On a related note, Vivienne recently chose to drop the surname of her father, Brad Pitt, from The Outsiders’ playbill. 

This move comes after her elder sister, Shiloh, filed legal paperwork to drop Pitt from her last name. 

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It clearly proves that while Brad may be touching the skies in his career, Angelina has the unconditional support of her children. 

Angelina Jolie produced the movie whose success she celebrated at Sunday’s event. She performed the musical number “Tulsa ’67” on stage. 

“[S. E.] Hinton wrote The Outsiders in high school, and half a century later, it still speaks to us. Society changes, but the experience of being an outsider is universal,” said Angelina.

“To any young person, any person, feeling on the outside, you are not wrong to see what is unfair. You are not wrong to wish to find your own path. As the cast raise their voices, I hope it inspires many of you watching to value yours. Please welcome the extraordinary company of The Outsiders.”

As mentioned above, The Outsiders is a staged musical adaptation. It garnered a total of 12 nominations, becoming the second-most-nominated show. The most nominated titles are Hell’s Kitchen and Stereophonic, with 13 nominations each. 

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