Apple Vision Pro users Return Headsets, Report Headaches and Nausea

Apple Vision Pro users Return Headsets, Report Headaches and Nausea

After the grand official launch of the Apple Vision Pro, many people ordered and used it. This launch was considered one of the biggest milestones in the technology industry and garnered attention from tech enthusiasts from all over the world eager to get their hands on Apple’s latest innovation. However, it has been reported by many users that they face discomfort and headaches, along with many other health-related issues. Their excitement has come to an end, and they are reconsidering their decision to purchase the Apple Vision Pro.

Regardless of the advanced features and innovative capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro, many users have talked about its negative effect on their health. The reports of headaches and discomfort have created doubts in the minds of others. Moreover, many people consider its design, mainly the improper weight distribution in the headset, to be one of the main reasons for these health-related issues. These complaints have made many users return the product under Apple’s 14-day return policy and demand a refund for their discomfort.

This criticism related to Apple products has surfaced on social media platforms as well. Many users posted about their personal experiences and their decision to return these products. Many X users also shared that they are seeking a refund from the company for their unbearable headaches. Reviews like these have made it very important for the company to make changes in order to enhance the user experience. Notably, Apple Vision Pro is one of the most planned Apple projects. The innovation has been in progress behind closed doors for many years.

Moreover, it costs visibly more than other similar products on the market. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had also stated that Meta Quest 3 was a better option than Apple Vision Pro, as it cost seven times less and had better functionality. Lastly, the higher cost of Apple’s new product, along with reported health concerns, has made users question the compatibility of the product. While everyone agrees that it is a groundbreaking innovation, its design and effects remain areas of concern.

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