Armie Hammer and Marina Gris Split Two Months After Secret Engagement

Armie Hammer and Marina Gris Split Two Months After Secret Engagement

The ‘Call Me by Your Name’ actor Armie Hammer and Marina Gris have broken up their short-term engagement. His alleged ex-fiancée shared this news on her Instagram story that she and the 37-year-old actor had broken up their engagement two months after he proposed to her in October 2023.

Gris posted on her Instagram story on January 11 to share that they had split some time ago. She had also claimed to be engaged to Hammer in October, with a photo of the ring in her hand that the actor was holding. She wrote, “It’s with a reflective heart that I announce the end of my journey with Armie, a chapter that’s been deeply personal and warmly significant in my life and closed a month ago.”

Armie Hammer and Marina Gris Split Two Months After Secret Engagement

She also addressed the sexual assault accusations made against Hammer by several women. Gris made it clear that these allegations were not the reason for their breakup. She wrote, “Before you send me another unpleasant message, I am aware of the conversations and stories circulating around about him. It’s important for me to state that my personal experiences with Armie were positive and in no way reflective of these allegations.”

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Gris shared that she felt their relationship “was a space where she felt deeply appreciated, supported, loved, and understood.” She added, “I speak only from my perspective and my experiences and am not responsible for any of his past, current and future relationships.” Despite the allegations previously made against Hammer, she wrote, “I know him as a gentleman in every sense of the word.”

In 2021, Armie Hammer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, who claimed that the actor raped her for more than four hours in April 2017. However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced in May 2023 that he would not be charged with sexual assault. Hammer reached a divorce settlement with Elizabeth Chambers in June 2023, after she filed to end their marriage in 2020.

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