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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Is Not Coming to Netflix – Here’s All We Know

Arthdal Chronicles 2 Is Not Coming to Netflix - Here’s All We Know
Picture: Studio Dragon / CJ ENM

The South Korean fantasy drama set in an ancient time, Arthdal Chronicles was simulcast on Netflix for its first season. It was well accepted by K-drama fans across the world and there was no shortage of anticipation about the second season. To the dismay of all those fans, Arthdal Chronicles season 2 will not be simulcast on Netflix. Whether it will be released on Netflix at any point in the future, we do not know.

The first season of Arthdal Chronicles came on the Korean cable network tvN in 2019. Outside South Korea, It was streamed exclusively on Netflix from June 1st to September 22nd, 2019. The show starred Song Joong-ki, Jan Dong-gun, and Kim Ji-won. Studio Dragon produced the show. The studio has also world on Netflix shows like Love Alarm, Crash Landing on You, My Holo Love, and Sweet Home. The first season of Arthdal Chronicles is still available to stream on Netflix.

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Here’s the official description of the first season of Arthdal Chronicles:

Set in the fictional land of Arthdal during ancient times. Eun Som was born with a fate to bring disaster to Arthdal. Due to his mother’s struggles to save him, he goes through hardships and grows up. He appears again in Arthdal. 

Ta Gon is a war hero of Arthdal. He has paved the way for Arthdal to become a prosperous city nation and he is the most powerful person in Arthdal. He dreams of becoming the first king of Arthdal. 

Tan Ya was born with the same fate as Eun Som. She is the successor of the Wahan Tribe. Going through hardships, she realized her mission. She lives under the highest honor, and her ambition is to become a politician.

In Season 2, Ta Gon’s Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun Seom’s Ago Union are set to face an inevitable great war. Eun Seom is the ruler of the East now. Tan Ya is the successor to the Wahan clan. The story is set eight years after Ta Gon has become king.

As confirmed by a member of the CJN EM marketing team, Arthdal Chronicles season 2 will not come to Netflix. The reason may be something as simple as Netflix not paying the licensing amount or something else. There’s nothing to stop Netflix from acquiring the license and streaming Arthdal Chronicles season 2 in the future.

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