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Barbecue Showdown Fires Up for Season 3: Netflix Renews Sizzling Reality Competition

Barbecue Showdown Fires Up for Season 3: Netflix Renews Sizzling Reality Competition
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“Barbecue Showdown” is coming back for a sizzling Season 3. The show’s fans and barbecue aficionados can look forward to more mouthwatering grilling as the casting call for the new season has been announced.

The show was originally introduced as “The American Barbecue Showdown” when it hit Netflix in September 2020. It was applauded by food enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike. The second season landed on Netflix in May 2023 with eight episodes. 

The series has been quite consistent in delivering a delightful culinary experience. It pits talented barbecue enthusiasts against one another to create an electrifying competition. Michelle Buteau, star of Netflix’s “Survival of the Thickest,” stepped into the role of the host in the second season replacing Rutledge Wood. Barbecue experts Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bludso graced the judging panel in both seasons.

Thyron Mathews, also known as Big T, emerged victorious in a nail-biting showdown with Logan Sandoval during the season 2 finale. Audiences were immersed in their culinary battle as the competitors poured their heart and soul into the grill. 

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The second season of Barbeque Showdown amassed 13.63 million viewing hours holding its position in genre-specific top 10 charts across the world for 12 days. Naturally, there was anticipation for another season. 

The show’s production team at All3Media America and Maverick Television is on the hunt for the next group of talented barbecue contenders. A casting call inviting contestants has been issued. Barbeque enthusiasts will take on the challenge again in pursuit of glory and the $50,000 prize.

The production of “Barbecue Showdown” is handled by executive producers Daniel Calin, John Hesling, Simon Knight, and Tim Pastore from All3Media America and Maverick Television.

Barbeque Showdown has proved its appeal to the global audience and especially to the American audience over two seasons. It has a niche audience, but that niche is extremely loyal and they are waiting for grills to fire up. 

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