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BioWare Vet’s Reflections on Mass Effect and Dragon Age

BioWare Vet’s Reflections on Mass Effect and Dragon Age
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BioWare has created epic narratives and unforgettable characters in titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Their innovations have turned the gaming community on its head. But as life would have, there is always room for reflection and betterment. Aaryn Flynn, a BioWare veteran, recently shared his thoughts on the two iconic franchises and how they may have become a bit “too homogenous.”

Aaryn Flynn, former general manager at BioWare candidly remarked, “We got a little too homogenous between Mass Effect and Dragon Age.” It is a sentiment that a lot of fans who have witnessed the evolution of the franchises over the years share. 

Flyn wished that BioWare had maintained a more distinct identity for Dragon Age, drawing inspiration from PC-centric classics like “Neverwinter Nights.” 

In fact, looking back, the Dragon Age series did start with a heavy influence from “Neverwinter Nights.” However, as the series progressed, Dragon Age 2 introduced a more action-oriented approach, and “Dragon Age: Inquisition” incorporated MMO-like quests.

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Right now, Aaryn Flynn leads the development of “Nightingale.” It’s a survival game set in a fantasy open world featuring floating Mary Poppins-like characters. He is still rooted in the fantastical while having departed from BioWare’s traditional RPG fare. 

David Gaider, the former lead writer for the Dragon Age series, expressed his desire for a “PS5-era” remake of “Dragon Age: Origins” with all the modern “bells and whistles.” Gaider recalls his days of working on the romance storylines with love as well as frustration.

BioWare continues to explore new frontiers in game development while also paying homage to its rich history. Aaryn Flynn’s reflections on Mass Effect and Dragon Age remind us that even the most beloved franchises can benefit from a touch of nostalgia and a fresh perspective.

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