Brittany Aldean Celebrates Jason Aldean’s First No. 1 Hit Amidst Controversy

Brittany Aldean Celebrates Jason Aldean's First No. 1 Hit Amidst Controversy
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Brittany Aldean celebrates as Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” reaches the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. In an Instagram post on August 1, Brittany showed her joy and pride, calling it a “monumental day.” The couple’s two children, son Memphis and daughter Navy, were also part of the celebration.

“Try That in a Small Town”, having been released in May, got the attention of the world after the launch of its music video in the following month. The song faced criticism for its controversial lyrics. A lot of listeners interpreted the song as encouraging violent actions in a small town. Jason, however, stood by his songwriting, stating that there was nothing in the song that was not factual or rooted in racism. 

He expressed his love for his country and tried to connect the dots between his song and the Boston Marathon bombing that happened during his show in Massachusetts. He said, “What I saw when that happened was, not a small town — a big ass town — come together. … The whole country, especially Boston, came together to find these two pricks that did that,” addressing the audience, he said, “Any of you guys that would’ve found those guys before the cops did, I know you guys from Boston, and you guys would’ve beat the s–t out of [them].” 

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Amidst the controversy, country songs have made history by taking the top three spots on the Billboard Chart for the first time in 65 years. “Try That in a Small Town” is followed by “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs’ cover of “Fast Car”.

Brittany has been a vocal and unwavering supporter of her husband throughout the controversy. She has shown an effective strategy of handling haters – “Block, Delete, Bye.” 

Brittany remains a pillar of support by Jason, as he rises in his career in music. The couple’s loving bond and shared dedication to each other and their children shine through in their public appearances and social media posts, captivating fans and friends alike.

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