Canon TR8620 Review: Let’s Take A Look

Canon TR8620 Review

When you need a taking-little-space printer for home or office that will cope with all your work requirements canon pixma tr8620 is definitely for you. It is equipped with two paper feeding trays, has five separate inks, provides wired and wireless connectivity alternatives and that’s not all. 

Features that make canon tr8620 ideal for home and office

  1. Multifunctionality. Canon tr8620 is built to accommodate all business or family needs if you want for a portable device. It can easily switch from scanning a great number of pages to faxing or even to printing family photos. 
  2. Simplicity. All trays and features are easy to open and close. You may use them and then put them away to save space. The touch menu is also very simple and functional, everything is intuitive and easy to understand.
  3. Ink system. Tr8620 canon is effortless to use and provides remarkable results thanks to its ink individual system consisting of 5 inks. They together deliver outstanding quality images and graphs. The huge difference while printing photos is made by Photo Blue Ink. Pictures come much better and after that you will never want to print without photo blue canon tr8620 ink. You can find it here, on a credible Smart Ink website.
  4. Wireless features. It is easy to do all the things mentioned above wirelessly from your smartphone or from a Canon camera. Supported apps: Mopria, AirPrint, Direct Photo Printing.

What can be printed?

Canon tr8620 prints on a variety of paper types such as plain, glossy, semi-gloss, matte paper etc. The printing speed is not superfast but is a regular speed for most Canon devices: about 15 pages in black and 10 in color in a minute. 

With canon tr8620 printer you receive great image quality, ability to print your business cards, creative magnetic photo and even labels. With the Restickable Photo Paper you may make any stickers from photos to stick in your notebook or planner.