Cash and Go Review: Legitimate Deal or Total Scam?

Cash and Go Review: Legitimate Deal or Total Scam?

If you’re worried about whether CashAndGo[.]co is a trustworthy site, don’t be! The website is definitely legitimate. However, we can’t promise that the stories you may have heard of people making thousands of dollars using the service are accurate.

There are several ways to make money on this website. First, share your referral link with others and get them to sign up through you. Second, complete quick 5-10 surveys and offers on the site. Third, talk about the site online through different social networks like Facebook, Instagram Snapchat or Twitter – anywhere potential viewers might see it. By doing any of these things, you’ll be able to start earning money on this website quickly and easily!

Do You Earn Real Money with Cash and Go?

There are a lot of websites out there that want your time, but few of them actually compensate you for it. In this article, we’ll take a look at Cash and Go to see if it’s one of the good ones. By the end, you’ll know more about the site and whether or not it’s worth your while.

Cash and Go Review

As a general rule, it’s unwise to hand over large sums of money to new websites or companies. Cash & Go is different – even though the site is relatively young, it’s entirely legitimate, and run by people you can trust.

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What Exactly is Cash and Go?

Cash and Go lets you get paid for inviting friends, testing apps, and playing games. They claim to be the number one Market Research Network.

You can make money by promoting products and services to your social media followers. It’s similar to being an influencer.

Cash and Go offers a $25 sign-up bonus, or so they say.

Although you can earn a decent amount of money with Cash and Go, it’s crucial not to see it as a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Apart from paying a $25 bonus for signing up, Cash and Go also pays you —

  • $0.50 (each click on the referral link)
  • $5.00 (referral links that sign up)
  • $10.00 (per Facebook invite)
  • $50 (each social media post)
  • $250 (upon daily challenge completion to get 5 new invites before midnight)
Cash and Go Review: Legitimate Deal or Total Scam?

Cash and Go Owners Unknown

Cash and Go is an anonymous company with no public information on its founders or history. The fact that they’re hiding their identity should make you suspicious.

If companies like Amazon, Tesla, or Microsoft were run by anonymous owners that nobody could locate, it would be difficult to tell if they even existed. Sites that say you can make a lot of money just for signing up are suspicious if there’s no public face associated with the site.  

A legitimate business will always have an owner, but Cash and Go makes it impossible to find out who that is. Cash and Go is a company that does not have any founders. 

The site Cash and Go claims to be the number one market research network, potentially making millions of dollars off of their success. However, it is unknown who started Cash and Go or who owns it.

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Cash and Go Doesn’t Have Social Media Presence

Cash and Go mentioned that they are the leading market research network. So, they should have an online presence to match their claim. Unfortunately, Twitter has suspended their account. However, Facebook doesn’t provide much better options. Their page is either locked or missing content. Their Instagram is also down, with messages saying the link may be broken or removed.

It is astonishing that they are the top market research network when based on their online presence. Most clients would need extensive knowledge of marketing to hold that title. If you have no online presence, how can you have any credibility? This company is too small for advertisers or clients to take notice, let alone trust them. If a market research company did not have an online presence, would you trust them? If that’s how they’re making money, where does it come from?

Some Important Factors to Consider

Although Cash & Go claims to be authentic, there are many websites on the internet that masquerade as something they’re not. To prevent being tricked, here are a few signs to watch for:

  • Unbelievably good deals: Cash and Go claims that it can make you rich without you putting in much effort. It practically states that you don’t have to work in order to get paid.
  • Promises of money for suspiciously little work: The company claims to pay you such amounts of money for which you would have to otherwise do some really hard work.
  • Either zero reviews or abundant overwhelming ones: Company/service reviews are extremely important factors in today’s world. Cash and Go either has extremely good reviews, or absolutely nothing – as in no reviews.
  • Incomprehensive website: The Cash and Go website is full of strange wordings. In addition to this, the website is a storehouse of weirdly written typos. 

In Conclusion, if you claim to be the number one market research network, you should not have these poor glitches to show for it.