Charleston White Net Worth: Annual Earnings of the Controversial YouTuber

Charleston White Net Worth: Annual Earnings of the Controversial YouTuber

Charleston White is well known on the internet for motivational speaking. This article covers the net worth of Charleston White and how much he earns from social media and his other ventures. It also informs readers about the YouTuber’s career and personal life.

Charleston White is an American YouTuber, motivational speaker, and social media influencer. He is known for sharing incidents and stories related to his criminal past. In this article, we will cover everything about Charleston White’s net worth and the factors related to his life.

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White Net Worth: Annual Earnings of the Controversial YouTuber

Charleston White was born on May 17, 1977 (age 47 years; as of 2024) in Texas in a Christian household. A turbulent childhood, White was young when his parents got separated. His father, Charles Ray, was a Navy officer; he passed away in 2009 with an inheritance worth $20,000 which was passed to Charleston. He has an older brother, Kay White; he was jailed for 31 years on the charges of convicted murder.


For his junior and high schooling, White attended a local state school, Giddings State School, wherein he learned accountability and responsibility for his criminal actions. After completing high school, he enrolled himself at Texas Wesleyan University, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice.

What is Net Worth of Charleston White?

As of 2024, Charleston White has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. While some of the other media houses claim the comedian’s net worth to be $5 million.

NameCharleston White
Profession American YouTuber,
Motivational Speaker, and
Social Media Influencer
Net Worth (As of 2024)$1.5 Million – $5 million
Annual Income$0.2 Million +

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Factors Contributing to the Net Worth of Charleston White

A Fleet of Cars

Similar to other YouTubers, Charleston White is fond of expensive wheels. According to White’s vlog, as of 2024, his car collection includes a Jaguar, a Range Rover, and a Ford.

Charleston White Net Worth: Annual Earnings of the Controversial YouTuber

Real Estates

Not just cars but the YouTube sensation is known to have an impressive real estate portfolio. The controversial YouTuber is known to have an exquisite property in Texas worth $1.5 Million.


Along with his YouTube career, Charleston White has merchandise that deals with a clothing line that sells hoodies, t-shirts, bomber jackets, and hats.

YouTube Career

On April 22, 2020, Charleston White started his career on YouTube. Since YouTube pays $0.01 and $0.03 and receives $3 to $5 for 1000 YouTube views, Charleston makes a staggering profit from his career.

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Community Activism

Charleston White is the CEO and founder of Hype Outreach. It is a non-profit organisation which assists youngsters in the career-building process. The platform is utilised by the YouTuber to recall and share his experience as a gang leader. After earning positive recognition in Texas, the United States, it worked with the United States, one of Texas’s largest Hispanic gangs based in Fort Worth.

Motivational Speaker

A former gang leader, Charleston often shares his life experiences and incidents when he was sent to juvenile prison. With travelling to various places across the United States to attend sessions organised in universities, Charleston has made quite a name among motivational speakers.

YouTube channel

On April 22, 2020, Charleston White started his YouTube channel. The channel comprises content related to rap music, tales, and incidents related to his murder conviction. However, he violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines following which his channel was deleted in 2023.

Personal Life

Charleston White tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Tamara White. Reportedly, the YouTuber’s wife is his manager and business partner. The much sought-after couple is parents to two children, Charleston Jr and Charli.

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Why Was Charleston White Arrested?

Charleston White Net Worth: Annual Earnings of the Controversial YouTuber

In 1991, when Charleston was 14, the YouTuber was convicted after he was charged with murder allegations. In the year, White and his friends shoplifted a bomber jacket from a Footlocker store. However, in the illegal process, the group was confronted by a man who the group later murdered; they shot them at Parking’s basement.

While Charleston did not pull the trigger, he was charged for his involvement in the murder and was sent to the Juvenile prison for 12 years. Charleston’s statement about the incident read, “I was, for all intents and purposes, a murderer. I didn’t pull the trigger, but I was responsible for shooting the death of a man who tried to stop me and three friends from robbing a Foot Locker.”

Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Charleston White?

  • In April 2023, Charleston White was accused of cheating his wife by his two former employees. However, later, in a social media post, his wife refuted the rumours saying, “You can post whatever you want about my husband, but I’m going to show you how to stay down. Show what you want, show who you want, but I’m gonna show you what a real marriage is like.”
  • In 2023, a social influencer, Brittany Renner, and White were criticised after a clip of them went viral on social media. While the clip was from an interview session, it featured Renner giving a lap dance and later pouring water over the YouTuber.
  • Besides his career, YouTubers are well-known for their controversies. Some of his prominent controversies were due to his offensive comments to George Floyd, the death of Rapper DMX, Nipsey Hussle, and King Von’s death.

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