Danielle Olivera Announces Her Departure From The ‘Summer House’

Danielle Olivera Announces Her Departure From The ‘Summer House’

In a shocker, Danielle Olivera revealed on Tuesday, 25 June, that she is leaving the cast of the reality series, Summer House, before the premiere of Season 9.

The television personality took to her account on Instagram to announce her decision and bid farewell to the top-rated reality series, “I wanted to share that I’ve come to the heartbreaking decision to not return as a full-time cast member on the upcoming season of Summer House,” announced Olivera.

While the actress did not mention a definite reason for her decision, she explained that she needed to follow her stints and be true to herself.

In the same Instagram post, the television star discussed the benefits of giving her best to the show, however, she still lacked authenticity, and hence, decided to leave the show.

“If I can’t put 100% of myself into filming, genuinely and authentically, it doesn’t feel right doing it in a full-time capacity,” she shared, remarking that “the network, production, [her] cast, and especially all of [the viewers] deserve that. Right now I need to protect and prioritise the things that matter most to me — my company, my people, and of course myself” read Danielle’s statement.

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Following, in the same social media post, Danielle Olivera expressed her gratitude and gave her thanks to the production team, the network, her opposite cast team, and her fans for supporting and understanding her tough decision to leave the acclaimed show, Summer House.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to take a step back in season 4 as well, and it ended up working out better than I imagined,” added Olivera.

On the work front, Danielle, in 2023, made her appearance in the film, Scorched Earth, wherein she played the role of Cecile.

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