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Daymond John Net Worth: How Much is The People’s Shark Worth?

Daymond John Net Worth: How Much is The People’s Shark Worth?

Daymond John is a businessman, investor, television personality, and fashion designer from the USA. He is the founder as well as the CEO of an investment group named The Shark Grou. Mr Daymond appears on the award-winning ABC superhit series Shark Tank where he is referred to as The People’s Shark. Daymond John was also the founder and former CEO of the fashion brand named FUBU. 

Who is Daymond John?

Daymond John, born Daymond Garfield John, was born in Brooklyn, NYC on the 23rd of February, 1969 to Garfield John and Margot John. Daymond’s mother, Margot, taught him how to sew when the family was living in Queens. It was the same skill that Daymond later used in order to build his massive business empire. 

Daymond was only ten years of age when his parents went through a divorce. He, then, got engaged in doing odd jobs. It was during his high school days when Daymond was actually able to work full time that did not hinder his education. After graduating, Daymond began working at a seafood restaurant chain. It was also when he started his very first business – a van service for commuters.

Daymond John Net Worth: How Much is The People’s Shark Worth?

Daymond John’s Net Worth in 2022

Well, it is not surprising at all that Daymond John has an estimated net worth of a whopping 400 million USD as of 2022. John was able to garner this amount of wealth from FUBU, various investment deals, speaking engagements, and book sales. 

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Daymond John Personal Info

Daymond John Full Name Daymond Garfield John
Daymond John Net Worth400 million USD
Daymond John ProfessionBusinessman, TV Personality, Fashion Designer, Author
Daymond John Salary $25 million+
Daymond John Assets Cars, Real Estate Properties
Daymond John Age53 Years
Daymond John Birthday23.02.1969
Daymond John BirthplaceBrooklyn, NYC, USA
Daymond John Zodiac SignPisces
Daymond John EthnicityCaribbean
Daymond John NationalityAmerican
Daymond John Height 1.69m
Daymond John Weight 72kg
Daymond John Eye ColorBrown
Daymond John Hair Color Bald
Daymond John Family Heather Taras (Spouse)
Daymond John Children Yasmeen John (Daughter) Destiny John (Daughter)

Daymond John’s Career

When Daymond John was in his early 20s, he started his brand FUBU at home. His mother, Margot, had faith in him, so she ended up putting their home up for mortgage to give Daymond $100,000 as the startup capital. Daymond, along with his friend and neighbour, Carlton Brown, began to make hats for sale. Both of them were driven by a dream of making things big. As the business grew, Daymond and Carlton included some of their other friends to be part of their business. The team started making jerseys, T-shirts, and other casual wear and thus, FUBU was established. 

FUBU gave away freebies to local influencers and rappers and was soon recognised as an urban business brand in the early 1990s. The company could not take a loan in order to provide more for production, so Daymond’s mother came to help again. She took out a loan to fund the whole production process. The company gave out an advertisement in the New York Times, stating “$1 million in sales. Need financing”. After this, Daymond’s company signed a lucrative deal with Samsung.

Daymond John Net Worth: How Much is The People’s Shark Worth?

How Did Daymond John Make His Money?

Daymond John started his fashion business at the age of 20. Back then, he used to work with a fashion line where he sewed knit caps sold on Jamaica Avenue, located in Queens, NYC. He sold them for $10 apiece. This is the named his fashion brand FUBU which stands for “For Us By Us”. FUBU itself was responsible for bringing in over 350 million USD in sales within a decade since it was founded. However, in the year 2018, FUBU was sold to Puma for a whopping $200 million. Since then, the company has made an enormous amount of 6 billion USD. Since then, John never had to look back. 

Followed by FUBU’s sale, he began investing, and in the year 2009, Daymond went to participate in Shark Tank where he made an investment of $8,567,000 for a total of 100 episodes of which he was a part. Daymond has a major share of investments in brands such as Sun Staches, Mo’s Bows, and Bubba’s Q.

Daymond John is a recipient of multiple awards and honours. In 2015, Daymond served as an ambassador to entrepreneurs belonging to underserved and neglected communities. The People’s Shark is also the receiver of an NAACP Image Award. In the highly reputed Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture, Daymond’s brand has made its way.

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How old is Daymond John?

Daymond John is 53 years old.

How tall is Daymond John?

Daymond John is 1.69m tall.

How much is Daymond John worth?

Daymond John is worth 400 million USD.

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