Deborah Falconer Bio: From Robert Downey Jr.’s First Wife to A Successful Singer

Deborah Falconer Bio: From Robert Downey Jr.’s First Wife to A Successful Singer

Debora Falconer, born in Sacramento, California 13th August 1965, is an American musician, songwriter, actor, and model. Before pursuing her path as a singer, she was a former elite model. Since childhood, Falconer had an interest in acting and singing. Some of her musical successes include albums like ‘Lift Your Graze’ and ‘Brave Like Me.’ She also appeared in multiple movies, starting an acting career with ‘The Wrong Guys.’ 

Talking about Deborah Falconer, before she rose to fame, she was popularly known as the first wife of Robert Downey Jr. After a decade of relationship, they broke up due to Downey’s addiction problems. You can keep reading to learn about her career, personal life, and net worth. 

Childhood, Early Life, & Education

In 1975, Deborah was born to her parents in Sacramento, California. Not much information is available about her parents. However, she has two siblings, Malcolm Paris, and Jeffery C. Falconer. Deborah finished her education at Fairfield High School and Clayton Valley High. 

Falconer always showed interest in becoming a musician since she was a child. She played a role in ‘Tune Little’ in her early career. 

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Personal Life And Family 

Back in 1992, Debora Falconer was the wife of Robert Downey Jr., a popular name in Hollywood. After spending over a month (42 days) dating each other in April 1992, they decided to get married in the same year in May. They have a son together named Indio Falconer Downey, born in 1993.  

After being together for nearly a decade, the couple parted ways in 2001 due to Downey’s drug dependence problems and regular visits to rehab. They finalized the divorce in 2004. Falconer also became in charge of Indio. Despite their divorce, the two stayed good friends. Later in 2008, Falconer suffered when Indio, her son, had to stay in rehab to treat drug addictions.

Falconer is known for her impressive physical appearance, slender and tall. She loves animals and has a pet cat. She is active on Twitter and Facebook and even posts her music on YouTube. 

Falconer’s Career Path

She began her musical path with an album called ‘Untangle’, which did not leave its mark in the industry. She later released ‘Brave Like Me’ in 2003 and ‘Lift Your Gaze’ in 2014. These albums were a success. ‘Come to California,’ ‘Brave Like Me,’ ‘Show of Hands,’ ‘Beautiful Child,’ and ‘Teaching Buddha’ are a few of her best hits. 

Deborah made her acting debut in 1988 with ‘The Wrong Guys’ as Wendy. The movie did not do so well among the viewers. She played the role of Debbi in ‘The Doors’ in 1991. Later that year, she acted as Rivkah in ‘Pyrates.’ 

In 1993, Deborah acted in various movies. She played the role of Allison McBride in ‘Brotherhood of the Gun.’ She was also a part of the movie ‘Mr. Bluesman’ in the same year. In the same year, she played the character of Barbara in ‘Short Cuts,’ a comedy-drama based on Raymond Carver’s poems. Downey was also a part of the movie cast. Falconer did not appear in any other movie after this. 

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What is Deborah Falconer’s Net worth?

Falconer earns a sizable amount of money through her multiple roles as a musician, songwriter, and actor. She also gained a good amount from her acting appearances in TV series and films. Based on reports, her net worth sums up to $13 million. 

Facts about Deborah Falconer

Talking about Deborah Falconer, did you know she has one prosthetic eye? There is not much known about why the singer wears a prosthetic eye. However, many believe Falconer experienced an eye injury. 

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