Drake Bell Defends His Mom For Not Protecting Him In Quiet On Set Bonus Episode

Drake Bell Defends His Mom For Not Protecting Him In Quiet On Set Bonus Episode

Drake Bell has spoken up on the fifth episode of Investigation Discovery’s documentary Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. Amid the accusations against members of the Nickelodeon sets, Bell’s mom, Robin Dodson, was trolled heavily. She was blamed for allowing Brian Peck, the voice coach who sexually abused Drake Bell, to get closer to her son.

Bell responded to this backlash in the fifth episode of the controversial documentary. In the bonus episode, Bell told journalist Soledad O’Brien that he shares an amazing relationship with his mom and wished for the viewers not to think ill of her.

The actor added,

If you were in that situation at that time, Brian was so good at what he was doing. He was so calculated. He knew exactly what to say, how to say it, what to do, the image to portray, everything. I completely understand how he just pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. It’s tragic.

The actor shared many incidents, including his experience in the courtroom as a kid. Brian had many people to support him, but he only had his family to stand up for him.

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Bell also recalled how Brian Peck caused indifferences between his family members for his personal benefit. When Drake landed an acting job, his parents, Robin Dodson and Joe Bell, were in the midst of a divorce. His father noted that Peck was often around Drake while working as his coach. When Joe Bell expressed his displeasure with this, he was not taken well by the people around him.

Brian, meanwhile, accused Joe Bell of stealing money and called him an obstacle to his son’s thriving career. Drake also shared that Brian saw the rift between his parents as an opportunity.

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