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Dynasty Season 4: An Upcoming Twist On Who is in the Casket?

Dynasty Season 4: An Upcoming Twist On Who is in the Casket?

On Friday, Dynasty returned with the last season’s closing episodes. It’s all set to some finale-level drama. The Friday premiere just started with a six-month flashforward. Fallon has seen paying respect at someone’s funeral. Now, most of the minds are struggling with the question: Who’s in the casket? Well, it’s clear, Fallon is not the one in the casket! 

The Showrunner, Josh Reims has stated to TVLIne, “As the season progresses, we’ll see a few more people at the funeral to rule them out. We’ll find out in Episode 13 whose funeral it is.” However, if the season worked how it’s planned, the big day will be revealed on 30 July. That means it’s going to be a nice summer treat!

What can be seen further?

As Blake and Crystal are in a toxic marriage! Is there any hope for this situation? In fact, he knows about the affair with his father Collins and she knows about his relationship with Laura Van kirk? The mystery is what’s going to be the next hope in the upcoming episode!

Obviously, there are ups and downs in every relationship but when it comes to working, you will see them working together. As Reims says,’ in this season they are going to be shown stronger than ever.’

What did People think About It?

Reims said, “My big panic was that all these actors we had in the last two episodes wouldn’t be available when we restarted, but we were able to lock down for a bunch of episodes” “He and Sam do have a relatively long relationship story, though everything will, of course, blow up in its lovely Dynasty way. It involves a strip club, that’s all I can say.”

The Story Still Continues!

You will find a lot more happening things in the next episode. Next week, Fallon and Liam’s long-awaited nuptials indicate the closing scene that shows Trixie’s brother Evan is going to make it an affair!

What are you guys thinking after watching the Dynasty’s 4 season premiers? Do let us know in the comment box!

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