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‘Enshrouded’ PC RPG Launches on Steam for Early Access

'Enshrouded' PC RPG Launches on Steam for Early Access

Keen Games’ co-op survival role-playing game Enshrouded is finally available on Steam for early access. It costs $29.99 with a 10% launch discount and includes all the elements of the game. However, there are lots of doubts regarding the release date of Enshrouded on PS5. Though the PlayStation community seems quite interested in the series, it will likely take another year for the game to fully launch on PC and console. Moreover, the game has been getting very positive reactions from the players on Steam. It will remain exclusive to PC players.

This is unfortunate news for console users; they will not be able to enjoy this for the time being. Keen Games has not yet confirmed its release date for the console. In the game, players enter the world of Embervale. They are the last hope for the people being ruled by the shroud. The game has a single-player mode along with a co-op for up to sixteen players.

What could be the Enshrouded release date?

It is difficult to predict the release date as it depends on the duration of early access. Currently, the Steam page of the game states that the game developer wants to wind up early access within a year. Moreover, Keen Games had also tweeted earlier that console users will get Enshrouded only after its full release.

The users can expect it by January 2025, but it is not confirmed as many games, like Baldur’s Gate 3, have extended the duration of their early access. Therefore, it is always possible that the release window can be rescheduled to an earlier or later date. For further confirmation, users will have to wait for the announcement from game developers.

Where will Enshrouded be released?

As of now, it is expected that the game will only be available on the PlayStation 5 and not on the PlayStation 4. Likewise, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are also unlikely to get this game.

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