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Esther Rose McGregor Bio: What We Know About This Celebrity Kid

Esther Rose McGregor Bio: What We Know About This Celebrity Kid

Esther Rose McGregor, a rising star in the entertainment industry, is the celebrity child of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor.She is an amazing artist, model, musician, and tattoo artist. Her connection with the French Thyme band, which she co-owns with producer Leo Major, only serves to amplify her skill set. Not to mention that Esther also co-owns Pink Ether, an exclusive tattoo studio based in Manhattan.

Esther Rose McGregor’s Net Worth

At a remarkable estimated net worth of $5 million by 2024, Esther McGregor is leading the lavish life many can only dream about. Despite her young age, she has achieved tremendous success through various occupations like modelling and singing; not to mention artistry and tattooing. On top of that, when factoring in her father’s impressive net worth of $30 million; there’s no denying that all these figures give Esther access to the grandest things money can buy.

Esther Rose McGregor Wiki

Esther Rose McGregor Bio: What We Know About This Celebrity Kid


On October 23, 2001, the United Kingdom welcomed Esther McGregor into this world. Since then, she has flourished and blossomed into a 23-year-old adult with an abundance of potential at her fingertips.

Educational Background

Esther McGregor, a learned woman, flourished in her studies and graduated from high school with distinction. Afterwards, she attended the well-reputed New York University and is anticipated to graduate by 2024. Her sister Clara also attained success at NYU, graduating from the same institution as Esther.

Esther Rose McGregor’s Appearance

With her stunning blue eyes, natural blonde hair, and captivating personality, Esther McGregor is the perfect model. Standing at 5’7″ tall with an eye-catching figure that she maintains through regular exercise and healthy eating habits, it’s easy to see why she’s so popular in the modelling industry. Though mostly known for her signature short pixie cut-style hairstyle, Esther has also experimented with other colors, like red or blue, in the past.

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Early Life of Esther Rose McGregor

The daughter of acclaimed Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis, Esther McGregor is their second-born child. Growing up, she had no shortage of adventures as her family moved around a great deal due to her father’s demands from his film industry career. She was mainly raised in the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, yet she also spent considerable time abroad in places such as London, France, and Australia. 

Esther Rose McGregor Bio: What We Know About This Celebrity Kid

Esther Rose McGregor Career

Esther McGregor has successfully left her mark in showbiz, despite being a celebrity child. The blonde beauty already possesses an impressive work portfolio and is rapidly becoming one of the top models in the industry. She has been featured on high-profile campaigns for some of the biggest fashion houses, such as DÕEN, PH5, Public Display of Affection, and EnL Clothing. Esther also designs clothes for EnL clothing, which she started with her sister Clara, who recently starred alongside her on several Fendi campaigns.

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Esther Rose McGrogor’s Siblings

Esther-Rose McGregor has a vibrant family; her siblings consist of two adoptive sisters, Anouk and Jamyan, plus one biological sister, Clara Mathilde. Additionally, she also has a half-brother called Laurie McGregor.

Following their divorce, Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis were both granted joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Anouk. The court further ordered that the actor pay his ex-wife USD 14,934 per month in child support as well as an additional USD 35,868 monthly for spousal support. As a last stipulation of the agreement, McGregor also agreed to split half of his Star Wars earnings with his former spouse.

Following this, Eve was kicked out of the Ladies of Oz LLP partnership, which was created by the two of them to supervise and manage their financial assets in addition to Ewan’s wealth from his stage and cinema roles.

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