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Fallout 4 Update: Players Discover a Helpful Use of Mining Helmets

Fallout 4 Update: Players Discover a Helpful Use of Mining Helmets
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One of the Fallout players has invented a very useful utility of the mining helmet and mannequins in the utility building. Since the introduction of the settlement-building feature, players have enormously discovered several possibilities. Nevertheless, even after years, players were not able to discover this particular technique. This trick includes placing the mining helmet on a mannequin in your settlement, which produces light without requiring any power. Hence, with this useful discovery, players can now use it for brightening up dark areas and add a great touch to the settlements.

Soon after the launch of Fallout 4, many super players shared their unique settlements. Although Fallout 4 players can only build settlements in areas like Covenant, Sanctuary Hills, and the castle. Meanwhile, some players have managed to completely change these locations into things like Diagon Alley or an AT-AT. Recently, a player found a very useful hack by combining a Helmet with a mannequin.

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A few days before, a Reddit user who is a regular player of Fallout 4 shared a screengrab featuring Red Rocket Truck Stop Settlement. The superplayer wisely used a helmet over the mannequin to spread light on the sign and garage. Unlike other lights, the mining helmet works without, and is therefore known for its usefulness. Not only this, but the players can change its colour to red, blue, or purple. Hence, this helps them to match it with their settlement’s colour theme.

In Fallout 4 settlements, players are provided with the option to give mining helmets to settlers for extra light. Founded at different locations, mining helmets were mostly discovered at Dunwich Borers and Saugus Ironworks. Besides, many gaming enthusiasts has observed a similarity between the mannequins in Skyrim and non-playable characters that activate the helmet lights. With it, we can observe that a mining helmet doesn’t provide much protection, which is why players tend to use it only in dimly-lit places.

Although after AperhamLincoln’s discovery, many users will find it useful for improving their settlements.

Besides, Fallout 4 is available for players on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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