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Georgia Ford Bio: The Only Daughter Of Harrison Ford’s Family

Georgia Ford is the daughter of the renowned Hollywood actor Harrison Ford and screenwriter Melissa Mathison. With Harrison Ford being one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, Georgia and her siblings Malcolm, Ben, and Willard had the opportunity to enjoy a lavish upbringing. 

Georgia Ford’s Net Worth

With a net worth of $600 thousand, Georgia Ford is living the life!

Georgia Ford Biography

On June 30, 1990, Georgia came into the world to her famous parents Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison in Los Angeles. She has three brothers. It allowed her to lead a private childhood away from public scrutiny due to being part of such a private family. As a consequence, much of what happened early on in her life remains shrouded in mystery.

Georgia Ford Bio: All about the Only Daughter of Harrison Ford’s Family

Being the daughter of a celebrated actor, people have come to learn more about her life. According to some sources, Georgia went to Wildwood School in Los Angeles, California. 

Georgia had epilepsy as a child which Ford spoke about at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Find Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures event back in 2016. Despite this affliction, Georgia has gone on to lead an admirable life.

At a young age, Georgia suffered from seizures, prompting her doctor to prescribe medication for migraines. Years later on the sandy shores of Malibu, she experienced more convulsions. Harrison acted and brought her to NYU Medical center where Dr. Orrin Devinsky discovered that Georgia had been suffering from Epilepsy all along. They began the correct treatment and since then she did not suffer from any more seizures.

Even though she is no longer pursuing a Hollywood career, Georgia has always dreamed of walking in her father’s footsteps and taking on acting as a profession. She gave it her all to make this dream come true.

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Georgia Ford Parents

Harrison and Melissa Mathison’s daughter, Georgia, may not be as well known around the globe as her father, legendary actor Harrison Ford. With a career that spanned over five decades of stardom, his fans love him for his iconic roles in both Star Wars (as Han Solo) and Indiana Jones movies. His contributions to Hollywood will forever secure him a place amongst its royalty.

IMDB attests that Ford has worked in over 80 astounding films! His commendable collection of movies includes American Graffiti, Air Force One, What Lies Beneath Witness, Heroes, Hanover Street, The Mosquito Coast, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger, to name a few — captivating his audience with remarkable performances in every one of these fabulous works of art.

Georgia Ford Bio: All about the Only Daughter of Harrison Ford’s Family

Georgia Ford Career

Following in her father’s footsteps, Georgia has made a name for herself as an actress and model. Despite our lack of knowledge about her modeling assignments, we do have insight into her acting career. In 2013 she had the opportunity to star in “American Milkshake” alongside stars like Leo Fitzpatrick, Shareeka Epps, and Tyler Ross. Unfortunately, the movie failed so her success was not what she anticipated; but it didn’t stop Georgia from striving for greatness.

Afterward, Georgia worked in the 2015 mystery thriller ‘A True Story’ directed by Rupert Goold. The film wasn’t a blockbuster with only $5.3 million at the box office. But, she had the privilege of collaborating with renowned actors such as James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Felicity Jones.

After starring in “The Visitor” under Jemil Hendi’s direction in 2016, Ford has taken a break from the movie industry. We can only speculate on what she is plotting for her fans and audiences as we await her return to the silver screen.

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