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Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Will Feature a House Based on Stranger Things 4

Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Will Feature a House Based on Stranger Things 4
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Stranger Things fans will be thrilled to know that Halloween Horror Nights is bringing the Upside Down back to life for the 2023 season. The annual Halloween event at Universal Studios parks that is coming back after a four year hiatus will feature a house inspired by the fourth season of Stranger Things.

The house will transport guests to the familiar town of Hawkins, Indiana. They’ll be joined by Eleven, Max, Eddie, and other beloved characters on the front lines of a battle against the supernatural villain Vecna. 

Guests will navigate through iconic scenes such as the Hawkins Lab, the Creel House, and Vecna’s blood-red mind lair encountering terrifying creatures like demobats. Finally they’ll come face-to-face with Vecna himself. They’ll race against time to escape and prevent Vecna’s success. 

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This will be the third time that Stranger Things serves as the inspiration for a house at Halloween Horror Nights. The first season of the show inspired a house in 2018. In 2019, a house incorporated elements from seasons two and three. This time, the event may even reference a bit of the third season before continuing the story from there.

John Murdy, the executive producer of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is excited about bringing the Stranger Things experience to life. Lora Sauls, assistant director of creative development at Universal Orlando Resort, said that they are eager for fans to live through Vecna’s curse and relive the iconic and terrifying moments from the show.

The Stranger Things house will not be the only IP based attraction. There has been news of a house based on the video game The Last of Us. Overall, horror fans can expect a thrilling time at the halloween horror nights this year.

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