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Honkai Star Rail Collaborates with Prime Gaming: Chance to Claim 60 Stellar Jade and More!

Honkai Star Rail Collaborates with Prime Gaming: Chance to Claim 60 Stellar Jade and More!
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Excitement is running high in the gaming community as the Honkai Star Rail x Prime Gaming collaboration event takes center stage in version 1.2. As the second tie-in event for Honkai Star Rail 1.2, this collaboration promises a dynamic fusion of engaging gameplay and enticing rewards.

The Honkai Star Rail x Prime Gaming event comes with a stream of rewards. Players will have the opportunity to acquire a substantial 60 Stellar Jade. This in-game currency can be a game-changer, offering players the chance to engage in the much-anticipated Kafka banner gacha rolls.

Here are the steps players must take to earn the rewards

1. Navigate to the Designated URL: 

Visit the URL access the Prime Gaming webpage.

2. Log In with Amazon Prime:

Ensure that you are logged in to the website using your Amazon Prime account. This step is essential to proceed.

3. Claim Your Rewards: 

Click on the distinct purple “Get In-Game Content” button, initiating the reward claiming process.

4. Generate and Copy the Code: 

A unique code will be generated. Click on the “Copy Code” button to copy it to your clipboard for easy access.

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5. Redeem the Code: 

Redeem the code either within the game or through the external HoYoverse code redemption portal. After successful redemption, the rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.

Here’s what players can look forward to acquiring

60 Stellar Jade: A valuable in-game currency. 

40,000 Credit: That’s enough credit to make significant improvements to your gaming experience.

5 Refined Aether: An important strategic resource.

The collaboration event spans from August 9 (12:00, UTC +8) to August 29 (23:59, UTC +8). Players will have over three weeks to participate in the event and claim their rewards. An active Amazon Prime subscription and access to Prime Gaming within their respective regions are necessary for participation. Keep in mind that only one code can be generated per account UID. 

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