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How Much Is R Kelly’s Net Worth? What Led To His Downfall?

How Much Is R Kelly's Net Worth? What Led To His Downfall?

R Kelly is a famous songwriter, singer as well as a record producer. R Kelly net worth 2022 is around $ -2 million. R Kelly is a very famous and successful singer of his time. Yet, after several lawsuits, allegations and complications his net worth deteriorated. This happened to an extent that his net worth reached negative numbers.

About R Kelly

R Kelly is a renowned Record producer, songwriter as well as singer from Chicago. He became quite famous after his album called ‘born into the 90s’. Since then he started his rapping career and he is also known as one of the best singers of all time.

Recently came into the limelight when he released a song about how he was broke. That 19-minute long song gained a lot of heat about his net worth. The Internet flooded with articles like ‘what is R Kelly’s net worth’? People are curious to know how a celebrity has his net worth in negative figures.

How Much Is R Kelly's Net Worth? What Led To His Downfall?

About the net worth of R Kelly

R Kelly is famous as one of the most successful songwriters and singers of all time. Kelly has got a lot of reputation and worth because of his career in the music industry.

Yet, because of several lawsuits and charges against him, his net worth is in negative figures.

Many serious sexual offence charges against him made him lose all he had. R Kelly has paid a lot of money to his lawyers as well as women to settle all the charges. This all led to a steep reduction in his net worth.

If not for these charges against him, the net worth of R Kelly could have crossed $100 million. Yet, rumors say that Kelly has paid millions to settle the lawsuits against him. Several women accused Kelly of abusing them. Besides that, he also owed around $5 million in taxes over the time of seven years. 

In 2018 he was also evicted from the Atlanta properties as he owed fees and rent of around $30,000. In 2013, R Kelly was also foreclosed because he didn’t pay mortgage payments. This will answer your question to How much is R Kelly net worth?

Assets of R Kelly

Speaking of the assets that the singer owns as of now R Kelly doesn’t own any homes or property. He was at the peak of his career for a long time. It earned him fame and money but he lost it all very fast after he had various sexual allegations against him. All his properties are currently seized and he doesn’t own anything.

As far as we are talking about cars, R Kelly had a jaw-dropping collection of the most exotic cars. Yet, at present, he doesn’t own any of them. His cars are all auctioned due to charges against him.

Final words

R Kelly was one of the biggest music artists that the industry has ever seen. He was also one of the most successful singers of all time. Despite all the fame and success, the allegations took away everything from him.  It did to an extent that his net worth is negative today.

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