How To Design An Effective Marketing Strategy After Covid

How To Design An Effective Marketing Strategy After Covid
How To Design An Effective Marketing Strategy After Covid

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has hugely sabotaged the world’s economy, with millions of people grappling with joblessness or reduced income. A lot of businesses have also significantly cut, paused or stopped operations altogether due to the widespread fall in demand for products and services.
In response, companies are no longer investing heavily in marketing strategy as they fear wasting money with a measly ROI to justify it.

But even as we face these rough times, one thing is for sure; the pandemic won’t last forever! So the question is when the dust settles, will you be able to revitalize your business and bounce back like you never left?

In this post, we guide you step by step on how to design an effective marketing strategy you can implement post-Covid-19.

Step 1: Create an emotional connection with the customers

Any goal-oriented marketer understands that empathizing with customers is the real deal-maker when trying to sell a product. This comes in handy, especially now that consumer behavior and attitudes have significantly changed during the pandemic.

Take some time to understand your users and adjust to their new routines and habits. This will be key in helping you create a genuine bond with them.

The idea is to monitor any changes in their purchasing behaviour and needs while engaging them more empathetically. This will help to enhance trust, a key component for boosting sales and loyalty post-Covid 19.

Step 2: Review your ad copies

Like we mentioned earlier, customer behavior and interests have changed considerably during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, ads that worked well before may no longer sound relatable now and the reason you need to review them.

Steer clear of messages that appear insensitive or which contradict the safety guidelines set by the relevant authorities. Also, keep tabs on your competitors to find out what they’re advertising, whether or not they’re pushing promotions and their approach to messaging.

Step 3: Be part of the conversation

It is human nature to appreciate being valued or recognized for whatever little contribution one makes. Start conversations with your shoppers and thank them for choosing your brand. While at it, make sure they know you care by engaging them in ways that speak encouragement and reassurance that everything will be fine. Remember, many have lost their jobs and there’s general anxiety within the community.

If you don’t have anything substantial to say or offer, avoid conversing with them as you may make a bad situation worse.

Step 4: Target trending keywords

Search engine optimization is as crucial to business growth after Covid-19 as other forms of marketing. One of the most powerful resources at our disposal is keywords. So how can you make good use of keywords to promote your business today?

Google Trends is an excellent tool that lets you know how and what people are searching online at any one season and time. You can use it to monitor relevant search trends and create content that aims to answer the most burning questions your customers may be asking.

We recommend doing a weekly review of the top searches on Google Trends and creating in-depth guides that address these queries better than everyone on the web. Where appropriate, invite them to check out your products or services as a solution for their problems or questions.

Step 5: Offer discounts and promotions

We understand that your accounting books are probably not looking great due to reduced sales orchestrated by the pandemic. But think of discounts and promotions as an investment and not necessarily as giveaways.

There aren’t many better ways to show compassion to your customers while promoting your business at the same time. Here are a few ideas you can try without harming your books:

  • Offer discounted or free shipping to customers who order a certain amount
  • Put together two or more complementary goods and offer a discount on the bundle
  • Try the “buy one, get one free” approach
  • Adopt volume discounts to lure customers into ordering more

Bonus tip: personalize your communication

Whether you’re using email marketing tools, VoIP telephony or standard SMS messaging, be sure to address your recipients by their names and offer bespoke solutions that matter to them. Again, you want to come out as someone genuinely interested in improving their welfare during these difficult moments.


Covid-19 has transformed how marketing works, and the earlier you make adjustments, the better. Effective marketing post-pandemic must lean on showing more compassion, warding off insensitive ads, addressing customer queries based on current searches, and offering discounts and promotions.

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