How To Hack Screen Time on iPhone? The Ultimate Guide

How To Hack Screen Time on iPhone? The Ultimate Guide
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A smart and useful safety feature on the iPhone is tracking how much time is spent in front of the screen. It’s a convenient way to monitor the software on your gadget. You may limit the device’s functionality by selecting this option. Most often, this function is used by parents so that their children’s iPhones are restricted from access to inappropriate content.

That may help in certain situations, but it may also cause problems. Problems arise if you misplace or forget your password. This also implies that you can no longer access your phone. There is a way out, however, to maximize one’s viewing time. Let’s understand more about how to hack screen time.

Find out what the Screen Time passcode is

If your child knew the password and Apple ID associated with your device, then there is a chance that they altered your screen time passcode or, even worse, disabled it entirely. The simple screen time passcode hack is to update the passcode for your existing screen time app to one that is more secure or update the password for your Apple ID.

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How to hack screen time without the passcode?

AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker is a professional password management program that may assist you in a screen time hack, particularly if you do not know or remember the passcode for the device. Most significantly, unlike previous ways, using AnyUnlock to hack Apple screen time will not delete any data stored on your iPhone. The following is a list of its strong qualities. Here’s how to hack screen time without the passcode:

  • Download AnyUnlock for free, install it on your computer, and start. Then connect your iOS device to your personal computer
  • Select the Unlock Screen Time Passcode option in the upper-right-hand corner
  • Click the “Unlock Now” button to unlock the passcode
  • AnyUnlock will prompt you to back up your iPhone and encrypt the backup you created
  • Once the analysis is complete, the Screen Time Passcode will be removed by AnyUnlock

How to hack screen time limit

Using Screen Time’s App Limits settings, you may control your time in any given app. You cannot access the app after the allotted time has elapsed. If the box labeled “Block at the end of Limit” is left unchecked, program use may be extended. When you’ve reached your app’s time restriction, it will display a “Time Limit” screen. 

Here’s how to hack the screen time limit; you may keep using the app for an extra minute, fifteen minutes, or until the end of the day by tapping the “Ignore Limit” button at the app’s bottom. After making this selection, reopening the app won’t need the Screen Time passcode or any other additional steps.

How to Hack Screen Time Using Video Recording

Screen Time can be hacked via the recording of video, which is a creative approach that may help you get around Screen Time limits and access applications or functions that have been prohibited on your iPhone. This is the procedure to follow:

  • Step one is to launch the screen or video recorder by opening the control center
  • Step two is after you have started recording a video, you will need to enter your password

You may now access any app or function typically limited by Screen Time from the Control Center. This includes applications for social networking platforms as well as games.

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How to hack Screen Time app limits by removing and reinstalling apps?

Try a screen time hack by erasing the applications from your iPhone and then reinstalling them to learn how to manipulate the screen time setting on that device. When you delete an application from your mobile device, the screen time restriction associated with that application will also be removed, and you will then be allowed to use the application in question.

If you keep your finger on any app for a few seconds, you will see that all the applications will start vibrating, and there will be a cross symbol at the top of the screen. To delete an application from your iPhone, you will need to tap the X symbol, and then confirm the deletion.

Now search for the app you want to download on the App Store. To reinstall the app on your device, click on it and then hit the “Get” option. After the application installation is finished, you will have no difficulty using the application at all.


Furthermore, a screen time hack restricts how an iPhone is used; it may greatly assist. It is also a helpful tool for parents to use as a control to restrict their children’s screen time and protect them from things on the internet that they may not want to see. Even if there are various methods to hack screen time on an iPhone and get past screen time limitations, you should be aware of them in case you ever need to use them.

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