How to Modernize Your Home to Increase Value and Sales Potential

How to Modernize Your Home to Increase Value and Sales Potential
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Selling a home isn’t as easy as some people think. If a home isn’t up to standard with the contemporary features today’s buyers desire, it can take a long time. Most homes are on the market for around 6 to 12 months. Yet you can potentially decrease this time if you modernize your home to increase value and sales potential. 

Increased Functional Space

In today’s real estate market, space is at a premium. The more usable square footage, the more you can ask. The trick is making the space functional. A modern and popular method is to develop an open-plan home, such as kitchen, dining, and living area. This method typically removes unnecessary walls and opens the house up to more natural light and increased floor space. You can extend this by adding trendy extensions to your homes, such as wooden decking or a patio. 

Buyers love to see such things, and as such, you can add up to 20% to your appraisal with these features. Yet another trendy feature becoming more popular is basement finishing. Basement finishing essentially takes the blank canvas of a typical basement. It creates something beautiful by adapting it for everyday use. Examples include the man cave, a playroom, or even an extra apartment. 

Smart Technology

The advent of the smartphone and virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri means we are more dependent than ever on technology. Because of this, the future of automated home controls is already here, and the tech is increasingly more impressive. Smart home control has gone from a gimmicky and fun way to switch on your lights to the heart of the home and beyond. 

Tablet, smartphone, and voice-activated smart devices now include all manner of household items. For example, you can control your refrigerator, audio system, and air conditioner with your voice or an app. Further, vehicle manufacturers like BMW also include AI such as Google and Alexa in their new EV models. As such, innovative features are now factored into the appraisal price of your home.

New Kitchen and Bathroom

Perhaps an expensive option when looking to sell your home, but one that never fails to impress. When you are trying to sell, modernizing the kitchen and bathroom is a great help. The kitchen is thought of as the heart of the home by many families. As such, they need to be able to see themselves in their new kitchen. This is more difficult with out-of-date areas lacking in mod-cons.

The bathroom is also an area that you should consider revitalizing when placing your home on the market. For hygiene reasons alone, a prospective buyer will think twice if a bathroom looks unclean or old. Around 30% of homes that sell quickly had a new kitchen or bathroom installation. Additionally, each well-finished room will add up to 5% to your home’s appraisal valuation.

Proper Lighting Plan

While it’s not an essential part of selling a home, the art of lighting will help your home feel more modernized to a prospective buyer. However, the correct lighting of a home is both an art and a science and is, therefore, a complex matter. For example, a lighting plan must determine the use of each room. In addition, you must carefully consider lighting since most rooms are multifunctional. 

Therefore, do you choose bright white recessed lights in the bathroom or opt for a dimmer and warmer hue? The answer is both. A modern buyer will expect to see lighting controls for LED bulbs that can dim and provide a range of tones. You can install lighting controls directly to your electrical system, or you can use smart LED bulbs with apps for a range of features.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Speaking of LED bulbs, these form a significant part of a new home energy efficiency plan. Efficiency is vital since green-certified homes sell for almost 10% more than those that are not. Yet, there are many factors you must consider when making your home energy efficient. First is the cost. A complete upgrade is likely to be expensive since major systems are reworked.

For example, you might need to replace your boiler. As a homeowner, you are probably aware that a boiler isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the home. Then there’s glasswork. Around 10% of heat is lost through the windows. Therefore, buyers look for double-glazed panes. Similarly, a great deal of energy is lost through your roof. If your roof is old, it could be made out of inefficient materials that let heat escape far too easily. Likewise, it could be damaged, with even tiny cracks providing escape routes for heat. Hire some professional roofers to survey your roof and see how efficient it is. In many instances, paying for roof repairs or a small upgrade can make a massive difference to efficiency, making your home more attractive to buyers. Finally, insulation is a significant factor. Loft, wall, and pipe insulation are necessary for increasing the efficiency of your home’s heating system.

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