How To Pass Your Insurance Exam On The First Try

How To Pass Your Insurance Exam On The First Try

In order to become an insurance agent, one has to pass the Insurance exam with a minimum score of 70%. You’ll need to know everything from insurance law and regulations, basic math, and other topics. This article will give you the 8 helpful tips that will get you on your way to passing this exam on the first try.

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1. Practice

If you are weak at a subject, then the best way to study is by doing all of your homework first. You can’t just read the books or case studies for hours on end. It’s important to have a strong understanding of the material first before moving on to practice questions. When you start to complete the life and health insurance exam questions and answers, keep in mind that you can pause or go back to previous questions. This will allow you to keep practicing until you’ve got the correct answer. A lot of insurance companies will have sample problems for their trainees with answers and explanations right after them which you can use to help if you need it.

2. Answer All Questions

Make sure that you answer all questions thoroughly and don’t leave anything blank, even if it seems like something unimportant because there might be some sort of trick to it that may make one question more beneficial than another randomly chosen one. However, do not randomly guess blindly either; only choose an answer if you are confident about it. Also, read the questions carefully and don’t be fooled by a negative statement in a question, because some may have you choose an answer that seems to be the opposite.

3. Review Your Mistakes

It’s important to organize your thoughts and organize them under each question for you to become familiar with them after you leave the exam room. Check what mistake you may have made, whether it was a spelling error or just not fully understanding the question itself. If there are any wrong answers that were circled, then review those because it can help determine if another answer is correct or not. Don’t forget about checking which answer you should have picked so you can see why it’s right or wrong.

4. Cheat Sheets And Study Guides

If by chance you are weak in certain areas of insurance law and regulations, or math problems, it might be beneficial if you purchase a study guide that will help you to learn what you need to know. A lot of these books and study materials can be found online. Another great way is having someone teach you the material, whether it’s your friend or family; however, that person should have taken an insurance exam before and did well on it so they know exactly how hard the questions can be and what methods work best for studying.

5. Don’t Study The Day Before The Exam

Do not try to cram everything in one night because it will overwhelm you and cause more stress than needed. It’s important to take time away from studying in order for your mind to relax so that when you return to your studies, all of the information is still fresh in your mind.

6. Test Yourself Before The Test

Take a practice insurance exam beforehand to see how well you are doing and also determine what areas you’re weak in so that you can focus on them more closely during your revision days before the test. You don’t want to take an exam when you feel unprepared for it because this will cause unnecessary stress for yourself, causing distractions while taking it. Be sure to review all of the questions under each section thoroughly in order to get the most out of your study time beforehand. Try not to make any mistakes on these tests because if they are wrong, then you’ll have wasted valuable study time studying something that is wrong, which could potentially lead to another mistake with one of the other questions on that section.

7. Relax Before The Test

Do not just sit at home and study without doing anything else because it will only stress you out more than what is necessary. Go out with your friends or family, whatever it takes to relax so that when the test comes up, you’ll be ready for it. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed because there’s nothing worse than taking a test and finding out that you made simple mistakes due to being distracted by unnecessary things like worry and anxiety. So go out and have fun before the test! It’s important to take an insurance exam seriously but also know how much pressure you can handle beforehand as well as knowing what your weak areas are beforehand in order for you to improve them during revision time. These tips will help you to increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try.

8. Don’t Forget To Eat

Most people don’t consider the importance of eating before taking a test, especially one that requires you to recall information from memory. Keep in mind that your brain can be your greatest enemy when studying for an insurance exam, but it can also be your best friend if you provide it with what it needs in order to function properly when taking the test. Your body is just as important as your brain when it comes to passing an insurance exam so remember to eat plenty of healthy foods and stay hydrated beforehand so you can keep a sharp mind throughout the whole process. 

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If you follow these tips, then your chances of passing the exam on the first try are very high. Make sure that you have a good grasp of insurance law and regulations as well as math problems so that when you take your test, there won’t be any surprises or questions where your mind suddenly draws a blank because everything will already be fresh in your mind beforehand. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact someone who has taken an insurance exam before for more help. Best of luck!

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