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Industry Season 3 Release Dates: When is the series premiering?

Industry Season 3 Release Dates: When is the series premiering?
Image: HBO

Industry, a drama series that premiered on HBO and BBC One, earned accolades for an excellent cast and storylines. Following bagging two seasons in 2020 and 2022, a third season of Industry is highly anticipated. The article gives you fresh updates about third season of Industry including its potential cast, plot, and trailer. It also tells you whether Industry Season 3 will be the final instalment of the series.

The television drama series, Industry, created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kray, received immense appreciation for its sharp writing and ensemble cast. Following a group of young graduates competing for an esteemed position at Pierpoint & Co., a reputed investment bank, it made its debut on November 9, 2020. With a successful premiere, the series was renewed for a second season in 2022. With the second season already garnering attractive viewers.

About Industry

Industry Season 3 Release Dates: When is the series premiering?
Image: HBO

The television drama series, Industry, created by Mickey Down and Konrad Key, showcases the life of a group who is set to get placed at Pierpoint Co, an international bank. An American series, Industry incorporated a large number of executive producers that included,

Jane Tranter, Lachlan MacKinnon, David P. Davis, Ryan Rasmussen, Mickey Down, Konrad Kay, Joel Collins, and Jami O’Brien. While the series involved a greater cast, only Yasmin (Marisa Abela), Harper (Myhala Herrold), Robert (Harry Lawtey), Gus (David Jonsson) and Eric (Ken Leung), have featured in all the seasons.

Name of the SeriesIndustry
Number of SeasonsThree
First Season: November 9, 2020
Second Season: August 1, 2022
Season Three: Not Known
[Note: Since Industry Season 3 is in its post-production stage, there are no release  dates.]
Debuted on November 9, 2020

Will There Be an Industry Season 3?

Two months after its second season premiered, Industry was renewed for a third season in October 2022. Industry Season 2, which made its premiere on August 1, 2022, attracted viewership in millions and irked the fans to enquire about Season 3.

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What are the release dates for Industry Season 3?

While Industry Season has been renewed, the series is still in its post-production phase. Hence, there are no release dates for the forthcoming season. However, according to Myhala Herrold, the production has been wrapped and is working on its promotional stage. Hence, it is likely that we will receive the series by the end of 2024.

Who is in the cast of Industry Season 3?

The other cast of Industry Season 3 includes,

  • Myhala Herrold as Harper
  • Marisa Abela as Yasmin
  • Harry Lawtey as Robert
  • David Jonsson as Gus
  • Ken Leung as Eric
  • Conor MacNeill as Kenny
  • Sagar Radia as Rishi
  • Caoilfhionn Dunne as Jackie
  • Sarah Parish as Nicole
  • Mark Dexter as Hilary
  • Nicholas Bishop as Maxim Alonso
  • Katrine De Candole as Celeste Pacquet
  • Jay Duplass as Jesse Bloom
  • Adam Levy as Charles Hanani
  • Alex Alomar Akpobome as Danny Van Deventer
  • Kit Harington as Henry Muck
  • Sarah Goldberg as Petra Koenig
Industry Season 3 Release Dates: When is the series premiering?

What will be the plot of Industry Season 3?

The upcoming series, Industry Season third, is set to follow the competitive world of Pierpoint & Co, a London-based International bank. One of the lead actresses, Harper, fakes her education in the CV which leads to her firing. Hence, in the third season of The Industry, we will see more incidents related to Harper and her struggles.

Besides, the BBC mentioned a synopsis which read,

In series three, as Pierpoint looks to the future and takes a big bet on ethical investing, the desk find themselves front and centre in the splashy IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company – in a story that runs to the very top of finance, media and government.

Additionally, writer and consulting producer of the series, Joseph Carlton, mentioned the forthcoming season and said,

I think it’s fair to say the series won’t shy away from acknowledging the real world, and things that are present in the news. I think what’s unique and good about the show… in the first series, there are references to Brexit. In the second series, there’s COVID. In the third series, there’ll be contemporary issues, too.

Is there a trailer available for Season 3 of Industry ?

Since Industry Season 3 does not have a release date, there are no trailers available for the forthcoming season. While there are no trailers available, you can watch the previous seasons’ trailers on the social media platform, YouTube.

Source: BBC

How many episodes are there in Industry Season 3?

The first two seasons of Industry had eight episodes, and according to a report by Deadline, Season 3 has eight episodes.

Will There Be an Industry Season 4?

The third season of Industry is in the works and will be debuting anytime in 2024. With its third season incoming, there are barely any updates about its next project.

However, it is likely that after a third instalment premiere, there will be an announcement about the fourth season of Industry.

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