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[iOS 16 Issues] Common iOS 16.2 Problems & Solutions in 2023

[iOS 16 Issues] Common iOS 16.2 Problems & Solutions in 2023

Apple has announced the iOS 16 update, rolling out on different devices. The best part of the latest version, iOS 16.2, is that it offers new features that are truly amazing and will play a significant role in enhancements to the iPhone. 

iPhone users always expect more from updates than bug fixes and security levels. However, no one can deny that many users face iOS 16.2 problems. This article informs users about these issues and whether they should upgrade their phones. 

Take a Look At the List of iOS 16.2 Problems

Though Apple has developed a great update, iOS 16 problems iPhone X has become a part of the discussion among users. Even the other model owners had been faced with some common issues. Apple has managed to fix some of them, whereas others still need to be resolved. Each new version of iOS comes with technical faults and glitches, and there is no exception in 16.2. Below we have summarized a list of some common problems users are facing. 

Connection Issues in Bluetooth: users have faced issues in connection. There are connection issues in both devices and the Bluetooth function. Devices often show ‘not connecting’ while trying to connect to Bluetooth. There are frequent disconnections, too, along with poor audio. 

Issues in wifi Connection:

Other than Bluetooth, iOS 16.2 has encountered different wifi connection issues. There are reports that users can not connect their devices to wifi. Their connection is getting disrupted and unstable, bringing reliability issues. 

Problems by App Crashing:

Crashing apps has become a common problem in iOS 16.2 since the launch and update. Apps need a lot of memory for successful processing, but the latest update is failing over there and facing crashes often. Still, there is yet to be an official way of fixing it. 

Apps Stop Responding:

Apps suddenly freezing or not responding properly to touch or any commands have had severe harassment to users. The latest iOS 16.2 update could be better due to this.

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Performance Getting slower:

Apps are showing slower performance after the update of iOS 16.2, and they can not even easily run on the devices. Though the update has new features, this problem is causing severe problems. It is also one of the big iOS 16 issues iPhone 11. 

Random Restarting Issues:

According to reviews and reports, some users face severe and random restarting issues. In iOS 16.2, this problem has become a common one.

App Installment Errors:

It is bad to encounter installation errors while installing your favorite apps. This issue still needs to be fixed. 

Touchscreen Problem:

Some users have reported that their touchscreen has become unresponsive since updating iOS 16.2.

Draining Issue of Batteries:

The battery draining issue is probably the most reported issue faced by users after the update of iOS 16.2.

iOS 16.2 Battery Drain Issue and How to Fix It? 

Do you know software bugs are a common problem that may lead to battery draining? You know that reduced battery timing and power can affect the battery’s health. It creates the ios 16.2 battery drain issue. Background optimization is also a reason for battery draining. After each product update, the phone is expected to run better. Here are some facts that could work on these problems. 

  • It is suggested to turn off the location on the phone
  • It is suggested to remove the widgets from the home screen 
  • It is advisable to apply the use the dark mode
  • Go for app disabled app refresh in the background
  • Keep the settings in the auto-brightness option 
  • Remove the unnecessary apps
  • Reboot and restart your iPhone daily 
  • Keep the mode in disable option for auto app download and updates 
  • Go for battery-optimized charging

How to Get Rid of iOS 16 Screen Problems? 

If you want to know why your iPhone screen is not responding and what are some iOS 16 screen problems like touch issues and others, you must look at the points mentioned below. 

  • There is a possibility of having a bug in an app
  • There could be a driver bug in the display 
  • Corruption between the old and new codes 
  • Phone getting suddenly freezing  
  • There could be issues with the hardware

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Should You Update Your iPhone To Version iOS 16.2? 

If you are thinking about iOS 16.2 should I update? It is true that Apple periodically comes with official new updates, and there are software releases too. Significant updates of iOS 16.2 have come up to solve the bug fixing, and there are several common features too. Though there are no effective problem-solving methods for each particular issue, the updates come with sure potential and intend to provide users with a smoother iPhone-using experience. 


If you are an iPhone owner, you have faced or are currently facing these issues with the iOS 16.2 update. Acknowledging these issues and trying to use some quick hacks on iOS 16.2 problems could be a savior. If applied properly, these would not be a problem anymore. 

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