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When Will Bluey Season 4 Release? Date Time, Streaming Site, and Other Details

Is Bluey Season 4 Already on Works? Get Into Details
Image: Disney Plus

Bluey, an Australian animated television series, premiered on ABC Kids on 1 October 2018. Created by Joe Brumm and produced by Queensland-based company Ludo Studio, the show became a global phenomenon in Australia. Along with warm storytelling, vibrant animation, and relatable characters, Bluey’s third season premiered in April 2023, followed by anticipation for Season 4. Hence, in this article, we have come up with the details for Bluey Season 4 and all the anticipated explanations about the series.

Has Bluey Renewed for Season 4?

Fortunately, the executive producer of the show, Daley Pearson, announced that Bluey has already been renewed for a fourth season. Talking about the series, Daley Pearson said, “There will be more Bluey,” Pearson was quick to reassure readers, though explained that they weren’t going to rush, “we have all secretly agreed with each other that we wouldn’t keep making Bluey if it wasn’t as good as the one that came before, so we want to make sure we keep doing that.”

When is Bluey Season 4 Coming Out?

Although Bluey has confirmed the release of its 4th season, the production is yet to commence. Daley Pearson, the producer of the show, talked about the same in an interview with The Courier-Mail in July 2023. He mentioned that the writers of Bluey are taking a break from the grind they followed. 

He added,  “We are just going to get our heads on a bit, it’s been four or five years and we’ve made 154 episodes, it is kind of unprecedented to do that back-to-back. It was very intense … we are just coming to the end of season three and trying to think about what’s the best way to make it better.”

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Who is in the Cast of Bluey Season 4?

Although the confirmed list is not yet public, it is expected that we will experience a similar cast in Bluey Season 4. Meanwhile, the cast included,

  • Bluey Heeler is a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy.
  • Bingo Heeler, Bluey’s four-year-old younger sister, is a playful Red Heeler puppy.
  • Bandit Heeler / Dad (voiced by David McCormack), the Blue Heeler father of Bluey and Bingo, frequently plays with his children and works as an archaeologist.
  • Chilli Heeler / Mum (voiced by Melanie Zanetti, the Red Heeler mother of Bluey and Bingo who works part-time in airport security
  • Muffin Heeler, Bluey and Bingo’s three-year-old White Heeler cousin speaks her mind and tends to throw tantrums.
  • Socks Heeler, Bluey and Bingo’s one-year-old cousin and Muffin’s sister
  • Chloe, a kind and gentle Dalmatian, is Bluey’s best friend.
  • Lucky, an energetic golden Labrador; Bluey’s next-door neighbour
Is Bluey Season 4 Already on Works? Get Into Details
Image: ABC

Plot for Bluey Season 4

In the upcoming season, Bluey Season 4, we can expect to see more of Bluey’s adventure surrounded by his friends and his family. However, there is no confirmed plot for its fourth season and we have to wait for months to know more about the plot

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Is there any Trailer for Bluey Season 4?

Owing to no follow-up news and production progress, we couldn’t find a Bluey Season 4 trailer. Meanwhile, if the series announces the release of the fourth season of Bluey by the summer of 2024, we can expect a trailer anytime within the next two months.

Besides the Season 4 trailer, you can watch the previous three seasons’ trailers on Disney+ Hotstar and YouTube.

Video by Bluey – Official Channel

Where Can I Watch Bluey Season 4?

Since New Bluey Season 4 has not yet been released, you have to wait for a while to watch it on the OTT platform. Meanwhile, you can watch the previous three seasons on Disney+ Hotstar. Along with Disney+, you can rent the series on Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon.


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