Booksi Review: The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else

Booksi Review - Is Booksi Legit? Everything You Need to Know!
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Booksi is an online travel platform that allows users to book vacation properties like villas, cottages, and apartments all over the world. The website claims itself to be legitimate, but there are mixed responses from the customers.

The company emerged in 2020 on the internet. Based in the USA, this platform offers discounts to customers on hotels, flights, attractions, transportation, and much more.

Is Booksi Travel legit?

Booksi is registered with many relevant organisations and has received many great reviews from customers as well, which should clear any suspicions about its legitimacy. However, people still have the question: Is Booksi legit? Many customers have complained about fraudulent behaviour like misleading information and hidden fees. Additionally, many people do not get in touch with customer support, and even if they do, all the numbers are different from across the world. The customers have reported misleading information and hidden additional charges. Many people have also reported that their booked property was already booked or unavailable on those preferred dates.

Is Booksi a scam?

Despite many good reviews from some users, the customer complaints have brought Booksi’s credibility into question. Customers reported issues related to fraud listings, payment processing, refunds, and no response from the support centre, which led them to consider Booksi a scam. Reviewers have complained a lot about the unpleasant experiences they went through, like being charged extra for the smallest convenience and being blocked from their reservations. Users also do not get proper responses from the website.

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Features of Booksi 

No physical address

When you want to check the legitimacy of a website, you should check the physical address of the place where it is operated. The address of Booksi cannot be found anywhere on its website or any other business listing page. The About Us page of the website gives all the information except the address, which makes it suspicious.

Customer support number

The email address is mentioned for contacting customer support, but there is no phone number for that.

Business Partnership

Booksi Travel is partnered with Monster Reservation Group, a popular travel services company.

Booksi Review - Is Booksi Legit? Everything You Need to Know!
Image by jkb from Pixabay

Booksi Membership Cost

The prices displayed before making payments show the cost of your entire stay. The rates are not calculated on a per-person basis but for the whole duration. Notably, there is no information about the membership cost mentioned on the Booksi website.

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Booksi Vacation Reviews

Customer reviews are the most reliable way to learn about a website. Booksi has different reviews on various platforms and gives an insight into the experiences of customers.

However, one of the best ways to determine the legitimacy of a vacation booking platform like Booksi Travel Vacation is by reading reviews from customers who have used the service.

Thankfully, Booksi has garnered many reviews across various platforms, giving us an insight into the experiences of different customers.

Trustpilot has a score of 4.3 out of 5. Customers have appreciated the support team and have said they love their vacations. Similarly, Sitejabber has a rating of 4.65 out of 5, and customers have commented that their experience was nice and easy at such an affordable price.

However, many Booksi travel reviews have also said that people should not trust this website as it has no physical address or phone number, and while the company is relatively new, there are no social media handles for the website, leading to many suspicions.


The brand has received mixed responses from customers till now. It is a new website with no direct contact option, and such a site is not credible and should be avoided if possible. Even if you want to try their services, make sure to research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.


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