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James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed By NASA

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed By NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope launch, which has been repeatedly delayed by NASA, has experienced yet another setback. It was originally slated to launch on December 18th. However will now not take off until December 22nd. Want to know more then stay connected with us. We will help you with all the latest updates related to the launch.

What Is James Webb Space Telescope?

In comparison to its predecessors, the James Webb Space Telescope is a next-generation space telescope. It is more sensitive and has higher infrared resolution. It’s also meant to orbit the Earth at a distance far greater than Hubble’s — 1,500,000 kilometres (930,000 miles) beyond Earth’s orbit, compared to Hubble’s 550 kilometres (340 miles) above the surface. The $10 billion telescope will look for light sources in space. It is available mostly in the infrared, such as young stars and planets obscured by dust. This was a major mission. Let us see when the next dates will come out.

Why Did NASA Plan To Delay The James Webb Telescope launch?

According to NASA, “an unexpected, unplanned release of a clamp band — which secures Webb to the launch vehicle adapter — created a vibration throughout the observatory.” It’s currently doing more testing to make sure the telescope wasn’t harmed in the event. By the end of the day, NASA says it will provide an update on the situation.

According to an ESA statement, “a NASA-led anomaly review board was promptly constituted to investigate and conduct additional testing.  To ascertain with certainty the occurrence did not damage any components,” with conclusions expected later this week. The scientists hope to get a green signal soon.

Delays Have Plagued The Successor To The Hubble Space Telescope

NASA planned to launch the JWST in 2007 when development began in 1996. By 2005, though, it had gone back to the drawing board. Given the JWST’s past, it’s understandable that NASA wants to be cautious.

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