Kanye West and Wife Accused of Sending Pornographic Videos to Employees

Kanye West and Wife Accused of Sending Pornographic Videos to Employees

In a recently filed lawsuit, Kanye West, and his wife, Bianca Censori, were accused of sending pornographic images to employees; the lawsuit also claimed that the receivers also involved minors.

The lawsuit stated that following a decision to start an adult entertainment business, Bianca shared a file-sharing link that had pornographic videos with the employees; however, it was done in the context of uploading those videos on their new application which is currently in its production stage. Additionally, the file-sharing link was also accessible to some of the minor employees who were working on the same project.

The same documents also accused the duo of late payment and “forced labour and cruel inhuman, or degrading treatment.”

The documents, which were obtained by TMZ, claimed Kanye West and Milo Yiannopoulos, the former chief of staff, never paid employees wages on time.

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The filed lawsuit stated that Kanye West refused his employees to pay wages for the advertisement of his newly introduced album, Vulture and Vulture II in their newly introduced application, YZYVSN. Not only this, but the duo also decided to hire a 14-year-old group, that looks after the work of his newly introduced application.

Not only this but the lawsuit included several allegations including accusations of making fake promises for working conditions and not complying with the company. An excerpt from the lawsuit read, “Ye ordered all employees to sign non-disclosure agreements, threatening to fire the minors and refusing to pay them if they didn’t. Minor developers were also required to sign ‘volunteer’ agreements.”

The recent lawsuit adds to West’s previous two lawsuits. One of them was filed by his ex-employee, Trevor Phillips, who accused Kanye of appreciating Hitler and making threats against the LGBTQ+ community.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Trevor Philips’ lawyer, read, “By filing this lawsuit, we hope our injured clients’ rights are vindicated, and that the famous artist Mr West understands that his messages — which we alleged preach discrimination, antisemitism and Hitler-love — have no place in the world, “

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