Kanye West Insults Michelle Obama In New Viral Video, Netizens React

Kanye West Insults Michelle Obama In New Viral Video, Netizens React

Kanye West is one of the most renowned figures in pop culture. He always stays in the limelight of the media due to his offending remarks. Recently, in a clip that went viral online, Kanye was seen insulting not some random person but the former First Lady. This has led to criticism online.

American rapper Kanye West is no stranger to controversial remarks. The 46-year-old artist has again received backlash on social media for his disrespectful statement about the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. A clip from Justin Laboy’s show has been going viral online, in which West makes sexist remarks about the former president’s wife.

Who’s one other woman y’all gonna have a threesome with? You could pick anyone in the world,

the host asks the 24-time Grammy winner.

Kanye took some to give an answer and started laughing. He responded,

Michelle Obama! You gotta f— the [former] president’s wife!

Offending people of all ages, colors, and classes has become a habit for the pop icon. Nonetheless, it also confuses the audience as to whether he is doing it intentionally to get attention. Previously, he had received backlash for his antisemitic statements. 

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Netizens expressed their concerns over his remarks, and the internet united to slam the rapper.

Exactly what is Kanye West talking about? He’s disrespecting his wife, Bianca Censori. I wouldn’t be surprised if she filed for divorce after hearing this,

A user said.

He’s a complete menace,

Another person wrote. 

He was thinkin what’s the most outrageous thing i can say,

Chimed the third. 

Meanwhile, West also dropped a verse from Future’s Like That featuring Metro Boomin in the same episode. He takes a dig at Drake and J. Cole through his rap song. Kanye shared with Laboy that Future reached out to him and offered to collaborate on a rap song dissing Drake.

Pluto called me,

West said.

I went to the studio, laid that, and then we went through the creative process of adding the chords, called the Hooligans, called ’em out in London to get on the joint. Everybody is very, very excited about the elimination of Drake. Not excited. We was energized.

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