Kensington Palace Update: Princess of Wales Is Secretly Back to Work

Kensington Palace Update: Princess of Wales Is Secretly Back to Work

Amid wild conspiracies and internet speculation, it has now been reported that the Princess of Wales has been working from home during her recovery period.

With her last public appearances in December, The Princess of Wales underwent an abdominal surgery in January 2024 that kept her away from the media’s attention. However, since then, she has taken the Internet to storm with several media rumours and controversies.

Nevertheless, according to the recent reports, although Catherine was avoiding media attention or public interaction, she has been working from home for a while now to keep up with her early projects.

According to the media source, The Telegraph, Kate Middelton and The Princess of Wales is working on research that improves the overall wellbeing of babies, ahead of a major study coming out this week.

The Princess’ Royal Centre for Early Childhood invested in a four-month trial of a baby observation program, which can be utilised by health visitors to improve how they spot signs of social and emotional development in young children.

Recently, a spokesperson for Kate Middleton said

The Princess has been kept updated throughout the process.

However, it remains unclear when the princess will return to her public related duties. However, as reported by a Kensington Palace’ spokesperson, The Princess of Wales is all set to make her public appearance and could join the family for a customary walk to church on Easter Sunday.

Following her surgery in January 2024, it was announced that the princess is unlikely to make any public appearances until Easter, the week beginning on 15th April. However, according to a close aide from the palace, there has been no announcements from the Princess of Wales about her much sought appearance on Easter Monday. Not only this, but she has also sought no confirmation about joining her family for the traditional Easter Matins service at St.George Chapel.

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