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Netflix’s La Dolce Villa: Release Dates, cast, and Recently Announced Details

Netflix’s La Dolce Villa: Release Dates, cast, and Recently Announced Details
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Directed by Mark Water, La Dolce Villa is a forthcoming project of Netflix; the director is known to deliver some acclaimed projects including Mean Girls, Vampire Academy, Mr Popper’s Penguins, and more. Along with the series, it will serve as the third collaboration of Waters with Netflix. He made his Netflix debut with the 2021 He’s All That, followed by a Rom-Com Mother of The Bride, which is set to release in May 2024.

What Are the Release Dates of La Dolce Villa?

La Dolce Villa, a Netflix original, commenced its filming on March 11, 2024. With the shooting location in Rome and Italy, Water shared an update about the series in January 2024 in an Instagram post wherein he was searching for shooting locations. In the Instagram post, he wrote,

Scouting for my next movie, saw Tuscany for the first time, completely the wrong way – cold, rushing through in a van, hopping out to dismiss beautiful jewels of cities. “Too big” “Too small” “Don’t like the pavement.” Here’s hoping the shoot will be more luxurious…

While the filming commenced in March 2024, it is expected to wrap in May 2024.

Hence, going with the schedule, the film is likely to make its debut in early 2025.

Netflix’s La Dolce Villa: Release Dates, cast, and Recently Announced Details

What Is The Plot For La Dolce Villa?

Although, since the film has recently commenced its filming, we don’t have a confirmed plot. However, Netflix announced a synopsis for the series that read

La Dolce Villa follows successful businessman Eric as he travels to Italy to stop his daydreaming daughter Olivia from blowing her life savings on restoring a crumbling villa she purchased for €1. Italy, however, has different plans for him as it delivers on its legendary promise of beauty, magic, and romance.

Besides, the synopsis is very similar to the 2020 film, Made In Italy, which is currently streaming in the United States.

Cast of La Dolce Villa

According to the confirmed list issued by Netflix, the series will star,

  • Scott Foley (Scandal, Scrubs) as Eric, a rich businessman and father
  • Maia Reficco (Do Revenge) will play Olivia
  •  Violante Placido (The American) is Eric’s Love Interest
  • Giuseppe Futia (Still Out of My League) as Olivia’s Love Interest

Besides the main cast, the additional cast includes Nunzia Schiano, Jenny De Nucci, and Madior Fall. Along with it, the rom-com film is produced by  Robyn Snyder, Deborah Evans, and Nicola Rosada

Is There a Trailer For La Dolce Villa?

Since the forthcoming film is in its filming stage, there are no trailers available for the same. However, with a finalised filming in May 2024, we can expect a trailer for La Dolce Villa by the end of 2024. Along with that, the film is expected to make its Netflix debut in the second quarter of 2025.

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