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Little Nicky 2: Is The Acclaimed Film Spawning a Sequel?

Little Nicky 2: Is The Acclaimed Film Spawning a Sequel?
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Little Nicky is an American film notable for being among Adam Sandler’s repertoire. Although the 2000 film was unsuccessful at the box office, it promised a peek into the comedic plot that attracted a huge fan base. After more than two decades of its debut, the film started making headlines again and for good reasons. With speculations ongoing about the premiere of Little Nicky 2, social media fans are regularly sharing theories about the rumoured upcoming film.

The American action comedy film, Little Nicky, remained one of the most acclaimed comic efforts of the 2000s. The story of the youngest son of Satan, Nicky, exploring the earth and preventing his two mischievous brothers from causing any harm to the planet, the film has continued to win over his fans since its 2000s release, and the stinger at the end is still sitting out there. Until recently, fans have speculated that the blockbuster is set to return with a second part, Little Nicky 2.

Will There Be A Little Nicky 2?

Although Little Nicky ended with a convincing conclusion, fans persist for a film sequel. However, according to the official details, the series has neither been renewed nor been cancelled.

Speculations Around a Second Part of Little Nicky

Since the film ages more than two decades, an anticipation for a second part seemed unusual. However, it was the rumours that arose from a viral poster of “Little Nicky 2” which took the Internet by storm. A media report explained that the viral poster featured the titular character along with his companion Beefy and the background location is the New York City skyline. Besides, what most intrigued the fans is the premiere date which was mentioned as May 2024.

Decoding The Viral poster

However, upon a detailed analysis, the speculations turned out to be doubtful. A user shared a comparison which stated that the scene was taken from the first part, Little Nicky and has been edited to give a new look. Additionally, the backdrop remains the same and Sandler’s appearance changes, featuring him with his new body structure; nevertheless, after a closer look, it also seemed edited. While social media users are head over heels for their favourite movie getting a sequel, the viral poster’s authenticity remains a question.

Little Nicky 2: Is The Acclaimed Film Spawning a Sequel?
Photo: Everett Collection

What Are The Release Dates For Little Nicky 2?

Since the future of the action comedy film remains doubtful, there are no release dates for Little Nicky 2. Besides, the rumours also involved Netflix as a second part streamer and in recent years, Netflix’s inclination towards sequels has enormously increased.

Additionally, in 2011, the lead actor, Adam Sandler, also expressed his wish to work in the sequel of Little Nicky 2.

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Who is in the Cast of Little Nicky 2?

A second part of Little Nicky is yet to be renewed; however, it is expected that the streaming giant will cast similar faces for a nostalgic return. While an official update is awaited, the potential Little Nicky 2 cast includes,

  • Adam Sandler as Nicky
  • Patricia Arquette as Valerie Veran
  • Harvey Keitel as Satan
  • Rhys Ifans as Adrian, the devious firstborn of Satan.
  • Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. as Cassius
  • Rodney Dangerfield as Lucifer
  • Robert Smigel as the voice of Mr. Beefy
  • Reese Witherspoon as Holly
  • Allen Covert as Todd
  • Jonathan Loughran as John
  • Peter Dante as Peter
  • Blake Clark as Jimmy
  • Kevin Nealon as Stanley “Tit-Head”
  • Dana Carvey as Whitey Duvall, the referee
  • Michael McKean is the unnamed Chief of Police whom Adrian possesses.
  • Laura Harring as Mrs Veronique Dunleavy
  • Leah Lail as Christa
  • Jackie Titone as Jenna
  • Christopher Carroll as Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph S. Griffo as an Evil Little Person
  • Michael Deak as Gary the Monster
  • Jess Harnell as the vocal effects of Gary the Monster

Is There a Trailer for Little Nicky 2?

As there are no announced plans for a sequel of the comedy film, there is no trailer or promised footage for the same. Despite rumours about productions for Little Nicky 2, an official confirmation is awaited.

Video by ScreamFactoryTV

If you are anticipating a glimpse into the film, you can look for the original film’s synopsis which read,

A demon travels from Hell to New York to track down his runaway brothers. Little Nicky must stop his brothers from creating their own Hell on Earth!

Where Can We Watch Little Nicky 2?

Little Nicky is available to watch on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Hence, if the creators announce a second part, it is likely that the series will stream across either of the two platforms.

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