MangaRaw: Best Free Website to Read Raw Anime Comics

MangaRaw: Best Free Website to Read Raw Anime Comics

MangaRaw, a context often searched by anime lovers, signifies Manga content which is not edited or filtered. The list has a wide range of comics including Naruto, One Piece, Dragon, and Ball Bleach. Along with variations, the website provides versatility where Spanish readers can get translations of respective comics. Not only this, Manga Raw has updated itself with the best manga comics which is continuously helping to unite the Manga and anime fans.

In addition to its unlimited supply to the manga world, this website provides a dialogue box where you can leave comments on your favourite comic. Moreover, by introducing a simple interface, these websites have an option where you can add your pre-chosen comics to your favourites. Hence, this helps the readers to access their favourite manga according to their preferences. So if you are actively looking for websites that introduce Manga “Raw” content, keep on reading this,

Websites to Read “Manga: Raw” Online

1. Viz

For all the uncensored Manga lovers out there, Viz can be the best preference for you if you are craving the pure essence of the exquisite Raw Manga collection. For those who are unversed, Viz has expanded itself to the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, and Ireland. In addition to it, several genres including action-adventure, thriller, super-action, and science fiction, are available. Not only this but Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, My Hero Academia, One Punch-Man, and Tokyo Ghoul, are available. Hence Viz is a must-try if you are a hard-core manga enthusiast.

2. BookWalker

Bookwalker is literally considered a heaven for Manga enthusiasts and has a versatile collection for its enormous, extensive, and colossal collection of highly praised Mangas. Nevertheless, the major drawback of Bookwalker comes with a subscription and it is not available in Japan. Meanwhile, along with the purchase, it varies with the location and is available for digital download. Along with its varied genres including Harlequin, Fantasy, Anime, Action, and Smut, it has a vast subsidiary collection.

Nevertheless, to unravel each Manga, you have to pay a nominal fee of $10.

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3. Manga Town

One of the best websites to find Manga: Raw, you can find all the comics here. Meanwhile, cherry on top, this app provides the Manga comics you like, unfiltered and Free of Cost. Considered the favourite website of Manga-enthusiast, you can browse every version of comics on the platform. Hence, Manga Town is the best alternative to browse comics if other popular platforms go down.

4. MangaFreak

With modern Manga comics online, it is one of the best sites to read those comics raw and unfiltered. Moreover, according to readers, MangaFreak has established itself with the best kind of comics including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Baruto, and others. Moreover, you can browse the newly released Manga comics with the filters available on the website. From old to newly released, this website is known to get it all.

MangaRaw: Best Free Website to Read Raw Anime Comics
Image by Willian Yuki Fujii Memmo from Pixabay

5. Anime Planet

Another alternative of the above mentioned to find your favourite preference, Manga: Raw, Anime-Planet has 4000 free and unfiltered animated videos that you can easily access without signing up for anything. Meanwhile, similar to other websites, it lets you search for reviews, manga movies and reviews just like it does.

6. Manganelo

Another preferred website by anime and Manga enthusiasts, Manganelo, provides surfers and users access to their raw content without any login and credentials query. Hence, this became the major reason for users liking the app. Along with that, a simple interface and several comic options are what are most liked by the users of Manganelo. In addition to it, this website also gives access to highly defined anime content.

7. MangaPark

MangaPark is an alternative method that you might find useful for accessing something. It could be considered one of the best alternatives available. If you’re interested in exploring this option, please let me know and I’ll provide you with more information.

8. Merakiscans

Next to this alluring list is Merakiscans. It is an all-in-one web-based platform for manga and anime fans and contains a lot of high-quality manga that we can read and share. Initiated in 2017 by a small group of Manga enthusiasts, the site was started on a small scale. Nevertheless, owing to its varieties, the app has profound popularity among Manga fans.

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9. Webtoons

Different from other Manga websites, along with binge-watching and reading them, you can write Manga on webtoons. Along with it, they are all-in-one applications that you need to create and share a Manga story that offers good. By using it, you can read as much Manga: Raw as you want, and draft as many as you want to.

10. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another Manga website where you can read manga without any subscription and get unlimited access to the world of anime. Nevertheless, it comes with a restriction and has only legal manga content. Hence, this option restricts you from getting access to raw Manga content.

Manga: Raw Reviews 

If you are eager to access the world of Raw Manga content, above mentioned alternatives can be a perfect fit for you. Along with it, there’s a website named MangaRaw which lands you in the world’s best uncensored and unbanned Manga world. However, according to our research, the website doesn’t have easy access and you might go through many guides before finally landing on the platform. Meanwhile, here are some MangaRaw reviews that might help you to know more about the platform.


Over the coming years, we have seen a surge in Anime and Manga fans. As a result, the enthusiasts are more eager to dive into the world of unedited Manga content or comics rather than reading edited or legal Manga. Meanwhile, Manga, the comics or graphics, originated from Japan, has a definite distribution process which includes filtering out the censored content. However, if you are a fan of Raw Manga, the above-mentioned could be a treasure for you.

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