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Mastercard Launches New WhereToSettle Tool To Help Ukrainian Refugees

Mastercard Launches New WhereToSettle Tool To Help Ukrainian Refugees

The 2022 Russian incursion into Ukraine significantly disrupted the lives of its citizens. In the face of adversity, a collective effort from nations, corporations, and individuals worldwide has emerged to aid Ukrainians. Among these, Mastercard stands out, having developed a platform to assist Ukrainians embarking on a new journey in Poland. Their commitment to providing aid remains steadfast, adapting in stride with evolving circumstances.

How Has Mastercard Assisted Ukrainian Refugees?

Millions of Ukrainians, primarily women and children, have made Poland their home. This transition has been filled with challenges. Mastercard, cognizant of Ukrainians’ struggles, put its innovative thinking to work. This led to the creation of the Mastercard – Where To Settle platform, a testament to their technological prowess.

The head of Mastercard Europe Poland disclosed that the application was made possible by merging their own data with those from local businesses. They notably partnered with the Morizon-Gratka Group, a leading organization in Poland, for this initiative. This digital aid provides refugees with valuable insights like potential living locations, average living costs, and salary ranges.

An Insight into the “Where To Settle”

Debuting in July 2022 as Gdzie Zamieszkać, which translates to “where to settle,” this platform serves as a beacon for refugees searching for affordable living and job prospects. Its core objective is to elevate the quality of life for Ukrainians settling in Poland. The online platform employs data from the Central Statistical Office to furnish estimates of living costs across a spectrum of Polish locations, giving Ukrainians a clear picture of basic necessities, daily expenses, average rents, and wage levels.

The Mastercard – Where To Settle platform emerges as an essential tool for Ukraine’s new arrivals, helping them navigate housing decisions that align with their family’s circumstances and budget. Accessible via a browser without any need for registration or login, the platform asks users to provide elementary information such as family size, occupation, preferred settlement area, and transport choice. By doing so, the platform supports Ukrainians during their complex transition, analyzing their income for living expenses, and guiding them toward an optimal living situation.

Mastercard: A Catalyst for Ukrainians

Mastercard’s innovative platform has become a cornerstone for Ukrainians striving to rebuild their lives. A considerable number of individuals have secured employment, albeit often in roles that do not fully utilize their skills. Mastercard addresses this by guiding them toward opportunities that offer both financial and personal satisfaction. The platform, which is available in Polish, Ukrainian, and English, consistently provides dependable, current information.

The platform also includes updated data on essential services like healthcare and schools that offer Ukrainian language instruction. Mastercard’s commitment to facilitating the progress of Ukrainians has garnered the support of the Polish Government, further cementing its critical role in this transition.