Megan Thee Stallion Gets Teary On Stage After AI Tape Leak

Megan Thee Stallion Gets Teary On Stage After AI Tape Leak

American rapper Megan Thee Stallion has finally spoken up about the AI-generated deep fake video that has been going viral online. The alleged sex tape has surfaced over the internet, and the rapper slammed it and told people not to mess with her. During her recent Hot Girl Summer tour stop in Tampa, Fla., she choked on tears for an unknown reason. The 29-year-old went on stage at Amalie Arena on June 9. However, her persona, which is usually bold and unbothered, seems to be missing. Fans observed her closely and wondered what she had been going through. 

She broke down on the stage, and the clips from her concert have been going viral over the internet.

To avoid hinting that she had let her guard down, Megan bowed her head down and took a moment for herself. In addition, it could not remain a secret, as the audience could see it on a giant video screen behind the rapper. 

She could be seen taking deep breaths to gather her thoughts. Even though she was trying her best to hold it back, the rapper struggled to remain calm. Her voice and hands were shaking throughout the concert, and her eyes were watery.

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The incident happened just a day after she lashed out about the deep fake video on her social media handle. 

Megan personally did not address it; however, people speculated on the reason. Her X post, which she shared a day before the concert, added,

Netizens flooded the comments with support for her and suggested she take legal action against the wrongdoers.

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