Monster Hunt Rise: New Update Generate Issues on Steam Deck, Users Blame New DRM

Monster Hunt Rise: New Update Generate Issues on Steam Deck, Users Blame New DRM

Recently, Capcom released an update for Monster Hunt Rise on Steam, which has eventually landed users in trouble and they are unable to land the game on Valve’s Handheld Platform. Despite the update helping in removing the Denuvo DRM, it added a new protection named Enigma Protector, which has led to compatibility issues.

Soon after the problem came into the eyes of Capcom, they released a Steam notice, wherein they stated that they were investigating the issue restricting the game to run on Steam decks. Nevertheless, the game’s Steam store page still indicates that it is verified for the Steam deck; hence, it means that it should be fully functional on the device.

Following the unwanted update, players have given negative reviews on Monster Hunt’s Rise store page. As a result, owing to the many negative reviews, the recent steam reviews now read as mixed. Nevertheless, the overall review score remains positive with more than 55,000 reviews.

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While the Change in DRM wasn’t the only change made by Capcom. Recently, it made a similar change in the Steam Version of Resident Evil: Revelations, where it added an Enigma protector, however, it ended with performance issues. Nevertheless, Capcom eventually pulled that update, while confirming its re-release once the problem was rectified.

Recently, Capcom has decided to introduce Enigma Protector into various games on Steam, including Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and Mega Man Legacy Collection Titles. On the contrary, the Enigma protector was introduced to restrict third-party modes in PC games.

Many media houses have reached Capcom regarding the issue of the incorporation of Enigma Protector in Monster Hunter Rise and other games. However, the Japanese Video Company hasn’t responded or issued a clarification in any of the press conferences.

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