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Murderville Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Murderville Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More
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The murder-mystery Netflix series Murderville premiered in February 2022 and is a worthwhile crime series on OTT. The murder series was given a 74% approval rating by the review website Rotten Tomatoes. After the release of season one of Murderville Season 1, fans were eagerly waiting for season 2 of the series; however, Netflix hasn’t announced any dates for Murderville Season 2 yet. It is expected that season 2 of the crime series will be released in 2024.

Murderville Season 2 Trailer:

Guess fans have to wait a bit more to watch the trailer for Murderville Season 2, as Netflix hasn’t revealed the release dates of the awaited crime series Season 2 yet. With no announcements about the series until June 2023, Season 2 of Murderville is likely to be released in 2024.

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Although there are no revelations about Murderville in Season 2, we can expect a stronger plot and more criminal activities to be involved in Season 2. In Season 1, we watched Seattle solve murder cases with his crime-fighting partners. Every episode of the series has a different plot, so we could not speculate on the plot of Season 2. I guess we have to wait a bit more to get finer details about the series. Murdervill’s developer, Krister Johnson, talked about the series during an interview and said that his motive was to introduce Murderville as a comedy crime. Krister said,

At times it became a bit of a prank and sketch show. It’s also a bit of a game show because you need to come up with an answer at the end. I didn’t want them to be too outlandish or goofy, but I did want them to feel heightened. I didn’t want Murderville to feel evocative of real life. In the case of Murderville, it was a case of stupid people thinking they were smart. This is especially true of Will’s character who doesn’t have a lot of self-perspective, but for some reason has a lot of confidence in himself. This is both good comedy and entertaining.

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Even though Netflix hasn’t revealed any details or even the date of the premiere of Season 2, we can expect that the main cast will be the same as in Season 1. The main cast includes, 

  • Will Arnett is Terry Seattle, an uncoordinated senior detective who is going through divorce proceedings with his wife Rhonda. He has a hard time forgetting the demise of his former partner, Lori Griffin, who died 15 years before the beginning of the web series. He is also having a tough time getting over his divorce with Rhonda.
  • Haneefah Wood as Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, the chief of police who is in divorce proceedings with Terry
  • Lilan Bowden plays Amber Kang, a coroner who assists Terry and the respective guests on the murder
  • Phillip Smithey as Darren “Daz” Phillips, a detective who starts dating Rhonda