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MythForce Review – Saturday Morning Carnage with 80s Nostalgia

MythForce Review – Saturday Morning Carnage with 80s Nostalgia
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Saturday mornings meant one thing if you were growing up in the 80s:: the joy of watching classic cartoons. 80s kids would immerse themselves in the worlds of heroes like He-Man, ThunderCats, and Dungeons and Dragons. “MythForce,” a cooperative rogue-lite dungeon crawler, aims to capture that very essence. 

You embark on a quest to defeat the evil vampire lord, Deadalus. Choosing from four typical fantasy heroes, you battle your way through dungeons. The game is split into nine episodes, lasting around 30 to 45 minutes each. If you fall to Deadalus’ forces, you’ll have to start from scratch. 

The first-person combat in “MythForce” is easy to grasp, despite its cartoony cel-shaded presentation. However, the gameplay is challenging. Unfortunately, much of the challenge comes from the poorly executed “Energy Point” (EP) system. Nearly every action in the game consumes EP, resulting in frustrating breaks in combat. While this system prevents mindless hacking and slashing, it does chip away at the overall gaming experience.

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The perks and permanent upgrades feel like necessities rather than enhancements. The exception to this being the rare orbs that upgrade abilities, adding new effects and utility.

You can upgrade various aspects of the characters through specific towers but progress is unfairly limited and rarely yields any meaningful reward.

The game shines as a cooperative multiplayer despite its shortcomings. However, matchmaking and difficulty scaling may not always seem logical. There is a sense of randomness and inconsistency in the difficulty structure. 

“MythForce” has the potential for engaging combat and captivating visuals. It has got a wide variety of enemies and incredible designs that give you the dose of 80s nostalgia. But it could use a lot of refinement in terms of difficulty and matchmaking. Make sure you check out the announcement trailer. Stunning art style that perfectly replicates the essence of ’80s cartoons.

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