NBA Free Agency Guide: Start Time, Top Players, and Cap Space of Teams

NBA Free Agency Guide: Start Time, Top Players, and Cap Space of Teams
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Now that the NBA Finals and the NBA Draft are over, it is time for free agency! 

The period is the most exciting part of the offseason, as teams are permitted to start talking to players about potentially joining them and helping them out in order to improve their chances of being a challenger in the next season.

Fans start to get excited about who their teams could potentially acquire during the period. It can be an anxious time as it is also a period where they could ultimately see one of their favorite stars leave the franchise and join up with a rival.

With everything that is possible, it is best that you ensure you stay ahead of everything as much as possible. Therefore, we have covered you with all the important information that can enhance your 2023 NBA Free Agency experience!

When does NBA Free Agency begin?

Teams and agents are permitted to speak with each other, and the players that are represented, on Friday, June 30, at 18:00 ET. However, nothing can become official until a week later when free agency actually begins on July 6. During the seven days, though, numerous deals are normally made known and get “leaked”, therefore making it just a matter of time for some to be announced. In truth, with the media coverage that is given to the sport, any deals made are far from a surprise nowadays.

Which players could be on the move this year as free agents?

As with most offseasons, there are always a number of high-profile players that are available in the free agency period. Many of the names that are usually available can be found as solid betting options for those who like to wager, with many having likely watched what they can do on the court with a live basketbal stream.

Among the names not to be available in the free agency this year is James Harden, as he opted into his contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. He could still be traded, though. Nonetheless, while he is off the board, a few big names could still be acquired as free agents.

Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green are both among the top candidates, although they are likely only to be available to a team that has a large amount of salary cap to work with. Irving can be one of the best in the NBA when he is available, but can also be an issue for an organization with off-court concerns. Green is interesting as he will be available to speak to teams for the first time ever in his career, with the former Golden State Warrior having never played for another franchise since entering the league. He is a four-time champion, but will likely command a huge salary.

Two types of agents: unrestricted and restricted

For those new to NBA Free Agency, it is worth knowing that there are two different types of agents that teams can talk to. These are unrestricted and restricted.

An unrestricted free agent is free to do whatever they want and talk to whoever they decide before signing. Those who are classified as restricted are players who are still under contract and can only leave if they do not receive an offer that is matched by their team over the course of two days.

Top picks include Draymond Green, Khris Middleton, Russell Westbrook (all unrestricted), Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker (all restricted), among many others.

Which teams have the salary cap space?

Of course, not all teams have the space in order to make the moves this offseason. Some have already spent the available money, while others have even overspent and are required to trim their wage bill.

As of this moment, seven teams are believed to have cap space available to make moves this offseason. They are:

  1. Houston Rockets – $64 million in space
  2. San Antonio Spurs – $34 million in space
  3. Indiana Pacers – $32 million in space
  4. Detroit Pistons – $28 million in space
  5. Orlando Magic – $22 million in space
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder – $15 million in space
  7. Utah Jazz – $7.5 million in space

There could be another two teams that could be in contention to open up cap space. These would be Californian franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings. However, they would have to renounce free agents in order to do so.

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