Netflix Announces Start of Production of “You” Final Season; Here’s When The Countdown Ends

Netflix Announces Start of Production of “You” Final Season; Here’s When The Countdown Ends
Image: Netflix

Penn Badgley’s much anticipated series, You Season 5, has commenced production, Netflix said on Tuesday, 26 March 2024.

Backed by Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, and Warner Bros, the series is based on the novel of same name by Caroline Kepnes.

The highly anticipated season of You which is also announced as the final season shared the much awaited news through the streaming giant’s social media handle. Meanwhile, the social media post also included a photograph of Penn Badgley crossing a New York street.

Besides, the caption’s post read

Back to where it all began. The 5th and final season of ‘YOU’ s now in production.

An American psychological thriller series, You, which is based on a novel, followed the story of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager and a serial killer who developes a horrifyng passion in his love relationships.

You’s debut season, that made its premiere in 2018, garnered immense appreciation among its fans and thrill enthusiasts and its location was set in the New York city. Owing to the endless appreciation, The Warner Bros, shortly released its second season, the sophomore Chapter in 2019. While the series was picked up among the best Netflix series, You’s third season, was set in San Francisco’s suburb in Madre Linda that made its premiere in 2021.

For the fourth season, the American thriller series was released into two parts, that made its debut in 2023. You Season 4, that earned popularity for the twisted story, in its concluding part, Joe Goldberg returns to the New York city with his wealthy partner Kate.

With executive producers Michael Foley and Justin W Lo is set to serve as show co-runners in the final season.

Besides the co-runners, You Season 5 will also feature Anna Camp, Griffin Mathews, and Madeline Brewer, as its updated cast. Although the concluding season of You have not received a premiere dates, it is expected thatte series will make its premiere by the end of 2024.

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