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Will There Be A Season 7 Of Netflix’s Lucifer?

Will There Be A Season 7 Of Netflix’s Lucifer

Many fans were expecting that one of the most popular series, “Lucifer,” would be renewed for its 7th season. But there are no updates from Netflix regarding that. Lucifer was a massive hit among the viewers. It ran for six seasons and a total of 93 episodes. It is a mix of mystery, mythology, fantasy, romance, and comedy. Lucifer released its first season in 2016 on TV. The 6th season ended in 2021. After the release of that, fans are still expecting that there will be a seventh season. Let’s have a look at the Lucifer season 7 latest updates in this article.

It is tough to say that there will be a Season 7 of this hit series. Netflix has come up with no release date regarding that. The creators wanted to stop the show in Season 5. But due to public demand and its popularity, it continued for another season. At first, Lucifer aired on Fox for three seasons. However, due to a decrease in viewership, Fox decided to get it off-air. But after a popular demand on the internet to keep the show going, Netflix took over, and it ran for three more seasons. After many interviews with the Lucifer cast and the director, we can conclude that the sixth season might be the final one. They have no plan to renew it again, it seems. The Lucifer season 7 release date on Netflix is not yet known.

Lucifer Season 7

What is Lucifer all about?

Lucifer is a unique series about Lucifer, or Satan, who gets bored after ruling hell for a long time. So, he decides to visit Earth for some time. While he is on Earth, he works as a detective. The personality of Lucifer impressed the fans to a great extent. Lucifer is shown as a crafty devil who can know the darkest desires of any person. This helped Lucifer in many challenging situations. Tom Ellis plays the role of Lucifer.

Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German, is another important character in the show. She plays the role of a detective who is, at first, not fond of Lucifer. But God has other plans for both of them. They work on various cases together, and their bond grows closer. She is also immune to the powers of Lucifer. Another interesting angle of the story at the beginning was that Lucifer was not able to have his angel powers around Chloe.

Lucifer Season 7 cast


Lucifer has a lot of reputed actors playing in the series. It includes Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, and Rory Lucifer. They play Lucifer’s characters. The season 7 Lucifer release date is yet to be known.

Will there be a season 7 of Lucifer?

We know you are wondering: Will there be another season of Lucifer? The creators have not yet confirmed anything like a spin-off. It is less likely that this hit TV show will get a spin-off as all the characters, primary as well as side, were correctly concluded. The show ended adequately, and there were no cliffhangers. Unless Netflix comes up with some new ideas, the show is not likely to continue any longer. Therefore the 6th season might be the last season for Lucifans. Although the fans were quite sad about it, at least they got proper closure.

The creators, in the end, wanted to finish the show, and it seems they are sticking to their goals. The cast was almost reluctant to go ahead with the sixth season, and they wanted to conclude with the fifth one. After a lot of requests and discussions, they went ahead with another season. The Lucifer season 7 release date is not yet known. We hope now you know will there be a Lucifer season 7.

Season 7 Of Lucifer

Main Plot

The whole show revolves around Lucifer, who is an angel. God expelled Lucifer from heaven because of his sins. Then he went on to rule hell and punish humans for their sins. After thousands of years, he gets tired of his duty and moves to Los Angeles, California, to live with humans. Somehow, he ends up solving the murder case of a friend. There he meets his work partner, Detective Chloe Decker. Even though Chloe is not fond of Lucifer, working with him on issues helped her solve them quickly. So they become a team, solving murder cases. Each episode of the show from Lucifer season 7 episode 1 carries a different murder mystery.

The other important characters include Daniel, Mazikeen, and Amenadiel. Detective Daniel Espinoza is the ex-husband of Chloe, and they also have a daughter named Trixie. He is also not quite fond of Lucifer, but even they get closer by the end. Mazikeen is a demon from hell who accompanied Lucifer to Earth. She holds the form of a young woman. Amenadiel is the elder brother of Lucifer. He is a dutiful angel, and he convinces Lucifer many times to go back to hell and fulfill his duties. Another one of the most important characters is Dr Linda Martin. She is their therapist Lucifer and helps him work through his issues to get better.

What is the way forward?

In many interviews, the actors have said that Lucifer has come to an end after Season 6. However, even they have various questions, just like the fans. Even they want to know about the life afterward of all the characters. Tom Ellis has also mentioned in an interview that he would love to do a movie on Lucifer someday. This TV show had a mass appeal. That is why it was able to run for so long. It was able to form a unique bond with its fans, and therefore, they stuck around till the end. It was a perfect mixture of various genres and attracted a variety of audiences because of that. All in all, Lucifer was a fun TV show that, at the same time, was very heart-touching for its fans. There will not be a season 7 of Lucifer.

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In a nutshell

The actors and the creators hoped that this TV show would leave behind a legacy that the fans would have fond memories of. Even after the pandemic, the show was able to put together a remarkable comeback in the 6th season. It can be a success story for all as many shows don’t run for multiple seasons these days. You can find all the seasons of Lucifer streaming on Netflix. We hope now you know whether season 7 is coming or not. The Lucifer season 7 release date in India is not yet known to us.

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