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Netflix’s Ambitious Action Series ‘Sky High’ Comes to an Abrupt End After One Season

Netflix's Ambitious Action Series 'Sky High' Comes to an Abrupt End After One Season
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Netflix has canceled Sky High quite abruptly after only one season. The series served as a sequel spin-off to the 2020 Spanish language movie. The show starred Miguel Herrán, known for his role in the popular Money Heist series alongside talented actors such as Luis Tosar, Carolina Yuste, Patricia Vico, Fernando Cayo, and Richard Holmes. The series was helmed by director Daniel Calparsoro and writer Jorge Guerricaechevarría. The buzz was there for the show, but seems like it didn’t make the merciless Netflix cutoff.

The original movie was released in theaters as a Universal Pictures production. It gained good traction and caught the attention of Netflix. The streaming giant acquired the rights to the IP and announced the series in 2021. Sky High the series finally premiered on Netflix on March 18th, 2023. The news of its cancellation after one season was confirmed on July 7th.

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While the series was designed to captivate the audiences with thrilling heists, an engaging storyline and complex characters, it failed to satisfy the internal metrics at Netflix. Even after accumulating 55.6 million hours of viewership, it did not make the cut. Sky High joins two other Spanish language series, Welcome to Eden and In Love All Over Again, which were also discontinued. 

Interestingly, the release of the series pushed the original movie into the global top 10 rankings for the first time. The trailer of the series got 17 million views on YouTube. The cancellation of the series actually comes as a surprise to a lot of fans. The show got some exciting results as well. Sadly, the numbers weren’t impressive enough. Let’s just hope Netflix has something better in its place. We can only expect Netflix to support and bring forward new and innovative content.

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