Netizens React To Emma Stone’s Reaction To Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Sexist’ Joke At The Oscars

Netizens React To Emma Stone’s Reaction To Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Sexist’ Joke At The Oscars

The 96th Academy Awards held on Sunday night was not only about glitter and appreciation. Jimmy Kimmel, the four-time Oscar host, read some online comments bashing his hosting capabilities and responded to them in such a way that netizens became crazy. He took a moment to read aloud former President Trump’s social media post, in which Trump had openly criticized the host. Responding to that, Kimmel said,

Blah, blah, blah … Okay, now, see if you can guess which former president just posted that on TruthSocial. Anyone? No? Well, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching, I’m surprised you’re still — isn’t it past your jail time?

Soon, the internet started criticizing Kimmel after he made a joke while the clips were shown for the movies nominated for the Best Picture award. The Oscar Award winner for Best Actress, Emma Stone, did not seem to be enjoying Jimmy’s joke on her film “Poor Things.”

During the event, Jimmy made fun of the nudity shown in Stone’s “Poor Things.” As the clips from the movie aired, Kimmel commented,

Those were all the parts of Poor Things that we’re allowed to show on TV.

The host hinted at the movie’s explicit R-rated content.

Immediately after that, the cameras turned to the actress. Emma Stone’s reaction to the comment has led to several speculations on social media. She says something after Kimmel’s remark to her husband, Dave McCary, who chuckles in response. While some people think she said, “Oh, my god,” others believe that she expressed her disappointment by saying, “What a prick.” Some lip-readers also assumed that she joked, “He’s a jerk.” However, neither Emma nor her representatives have given any clarification on the same.

As assumptions surface online, it is noticeable that even if it’s a fancy event such as the Oscars, controversies are too quick to be noted and immediately grab everyone’s attention.

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