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No Mercy in Mexico: Gruesome Footage Goes Viral on TikTok

No Mercy in Mexico: Gruesome Footage Goes Viral on TikTok

Known for its dealing with crime and violence, Mexico has recently attracted controversy after the brutal ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ has taken over the internet. Causing a stir on social media, the video where a son and his father are being killed gives a perfect instance of horrendous crimes in the country.

Not only this but the petrifying trend known as “No Mercy in Mexico” has given rise to a stream of films that are being shared by several internet users within the same trend. This trend reveals some horrifying footage of torture, such as a woman being brutally hit by a weapon, and so on. On the contrary, all of them are extremely upsetting, and sharing these heinous crimes on social media platforms is a shame on humanity. Circulation of criminal content should be banned once and for all. 

What is No Mercy in Mexico?

A horrifying video started to circulate on TikTok that shows the brutal killing of two people – a father and a son, in Mexico. The boy lies helpless on the ground as he witnesses his father being attacked with knives and other sharp objects – he observes the sheer criminal side of humans. People attacking the duo are reportedly to be members of a police group.

This is a kind of treatment that nobody deserves, let alone sharing the footage on social media platforms. Publication of such spine-chilling videos should be condemned and banned immediately, but, surprisingly, contrary to that, these footage are going viral on social media, particularly on TikTok. Whereas TikTok users should refrain from sharing, and, in a way, promoting violence, they are sharing the footage under the trend “No Mercy in Mexico”. A large number of internet users have already watched these shameful shares.

What Happens in No Mercy in Mexico?

In the footage of No Mercy in Mexico, we can find a father and his child being beaten mercilessly and killed with a razor blade. Yes, it is true. The father is being attacked by a group of people who are beating him up with a bat and attacking him with knives and other sharp objects. After they are done with the beat-up, although the victim is half dead by then, the attackers go on and slowly decapitate him with a razor blade in front of the son. We hope that the victims find eternal peace. 

Once the executioners are done with the murder of the father, they now move on to the son. They throw the son to the corpse of the father and start frightening him verbally saying things like they will send the “head” of the son to his mother. Then, one of the killers comes forward and stabs a small knife in the middle of his chest. The victim tries to fight it, but, unfortunately, succumbs to the brutal killing. The heinous crime does not stop there. The executioner begins to cut the chest puts his arms inside the victim’s body and starts pulling his intestines. He goes on further to cut the chest wound and tries to reach out to the victim’s heart. Once he reaches there, he pulls out the heart and severs it from the victim’s body. The executioner shows the still-beating heart to the camera and states that anyone who would try to breach the perimeters of their respective territory would be faced with the same fate. Surprisingly, after this video went viral, there was little response from the Mexican government to shun these criminal activities. 

No Mercy in Mexico Footage Gets Leaked on Twitter

Another violent footage that got leaked on Twitter was of the mass execution of 20 people. In this particular footage, members of a Mexican cartel are lined up on their knees only to be executed by the members of a rival group.

According to a Spanish website named El Pas, this murder video was released on social media by the Los Tlacos group members. The people who are being executed in the video were alleged members of La Bandera, which is, again, a part of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel. In one of the many distressing speeches in the video footage, we can see one man saying “This plaza already has an owner” in his native tongue.

What is the Story Behind No Mercy in Mexico?

Killing is not something to be practised – especially when we claim to be humans, the best species that walks the surface of the earth. It was distressing to watch two innocent people fall prey to such treatment by other humans. May their souls rest in peace. 

Regarding the backstory of the heinous murder, there can be many theories, however, there is no particular story to back the incident. No information regarding why such a deed was committed, has been revealed anywhere apart from the circulation of the video footage itself. 

Where Can I Watch the No Mercy in Mexico video?

The widespread video “No Mercy in Mexico” was initially shared on the video-sharing social media platform, TikTok, and immediately went viral. Although TikTok is banned in several countries, you can witness the video through this link.

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