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No More Mineplex. Popular Minecraft Server Shuts Down

No More Mineplex. Popular Minecraft Server Shuts Down

Earlier this week the Mineplex server remained closed for a couple of days without any updates regarding that. On 16th May, one of the admins, Dean, shared a heartfelt message on their Discord server conveying to all the players that “It’s over. mineplex is shutting down.” 

He expressed that what seemed to be a cessation of operations for a couple of days is actually forever. He thanked all the passionate fans of the server for their support over the years and expressed his regret for not being able to give the beloved minigame server a proper send off.

As for the reason behind shutting down the Mineplex server after its successful run for 10 years, nothing has been said. All that was confirmed in the message is that the decision was made by the owners of the server. Dean requested fans to refrain from sending abuses to him or other admins as they just work for the company and the decision to shut it down was not theirs to make.

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Interestingly, mineplex was one of the few legitimate partners of Mojang Studios, therefore, it was featured in the game as well. The server, which had been active since 2013, was at its peak between 2015 and 2020 when it hosted 20,000 players concurrently on average. 

On January 28, 2015, mineplex had 34,434 concurrent players setting the Guiness World Record. It also held the Guinness World Record 2016: Gamers Edition for being the most popular MInecraft network albeit for a short period of time before being outplayed by Hypixel the same year. 

Mineplex was one of the longest running servers of Minecraft. It is a legendary server to be fair and millions of people who have used it to play Minecraft would be saddened for its sudden cessation. 

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