“Outer Banks” Star Austin North Arrested in Vegas

“Outer Banks” Star Austin North Arrested in Vegas
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Austin North recently marked his visit to the ER hospital in Vegas and ended up attacking the hospital staff and being arrested. Austin allegedly attacked the hospital staff, shoved the face of the nurse, and punched one. One of the victims took the tray nearby and smacked his face in self-defense. According to the nurses and people around him, he started shoving the nurses and started throwing stuff for no particular reason at all.

At this point, the security officers came and cuffed him. There was another person who was attacked by the actor but the identity is unknown. The cops who came to resolve the matter revised the actor’s Miranda rights as they were arresting him for the battery. The cops asked if he understood, and the star said yes!

Later, Austin North shared a description of what happened to him that day and addressed the situation on the internet. He said he was having a panic attack where he felt that he might die and added that he does not remember much of the incident.

He shared a long note which stated that he had been suffering from all of this for a long time, and this incident was the worst he had experienced. Further, he apologized to the hospital staff and said he would share about his condition after some time. 

The reason behind his going to the ER is still unknown, and he has been booked for gross misdemeanor battery.

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